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Passion Gaming Improved their Support Services with Elision’s Multi-Linguistic Calling Solution

Reduced Call Waiting Time

Reliable CRM Integration

Effective Call Resolutions

Enhanced Gamer Satisfaction Rate


We provided Passion Gaming with a feature-rich call center solution, enabling gamers to quickly resolve queries and receive real-time assistance.

We provided a functional and feature-rich call center solution to Passion Gaming leveraging which their gamers can put forward their queries and get effective resolutions to the problems in real-time.


Challenges Encountered by Passion Gaming in their Call Center Solution

Passion Gaming was utilizing a conventional call center software that was complicated to use and made the entire work process tedious and inefficient.

  • Isolated platforms that couldn’t give the must-needed edge to the business.
  • Lack of pragmatic features to counter the gamer’s queries that resulted in a higher customer dissatisfaction rate.
  • Lack of unified broadcasting channels within a single platform.
  • No special mechanism for elite players during query resolution.

Our Effective & Reliable Solution to Streamline Passion Gaming’s Customer Care Process

Elision offered a top-notch dialer solution incorporated with multiple pragmatic and useful features to Passion Gaming to streamline their customer care process and provide a seamless customer experience to the gamers.

Multi-Language Calling Options

The caller was provided with multiple language options through IVR upon calling which helped gamers to effortlessly describe their queries in their regional language and get quick resolution to the problem.

Priority Based Routing for Elite Customers

Gamers with premium membership from Passion Gaming were given a priority for calls as an elite pool was created mapping the numbers of elite customers who were directly connected to the agent bypassing the IVR process.

Seamless Integration with Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM of the client was integrated with our advanced calling solution and a customized form was created based on the customer requirements that fetched the details of the customer from their mobile number and provided all the necessary information to the calling representative on a single screen.

Efficient Ticket Management System Integrated with Zoho CRM

Our dialer solution incorporated an intelligent ticket managing system that was integrated with the Zoho CRM of clients and provided tracks & details on new and old tickets of the clients along with their current status.

Label Management for Swift and Right Resolutions to User Queries

An efficient knowledge management system was created and customized in the dialer solution that enabled the calling representatives to select the subject based on user query and get appropriate responses to every detail the user demanded which helped in quick query resolution.

Easy Broadcasting of Messages to Users

Our call center software eased the broadcasting process for Passion Gaming and provided them with two effective solutions: A Manual Data Update Solution & Data Updation through a third-party retention platform. In the first solution, the file name is to be entered by the agent and the details will be fetched and further broadcasted to the user. In the second option, the Elision’s developed API will automatically fetch the data for the agent and they can further broadcast the information to the user.

Gaming Made Simpler with Our Refined Call Center Solutions

Our highly productive call center solution empowered Passion Gaming customer care service representatives with pragmatic tools that helped them quickly solve customer queries and obtain an efficient work process.

Toll-Free Number

Effective Call Resolutions

100% Call Connects

Streamlined Inbound Process

Amazing product & service. Milan Rathi who looks after our account is proactive in handling and helping us in our existing concerns.
Jai S.
Player Service Head, Passion Gaming

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