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Nykaa Optimized Its Post Sales Service & Improved Marketing Campaigns with Elision

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Nykaa is a prominent eCommerce organization based in India that sells beauty, wellness, and fashion products worldwide.

We provided a unified eCommerce solution to Nykaa at 4 Distinct Locations that helped them streamline their Post Sales Service Management and Offer Shoppers a Swift, Reliable, and Efficient Shopping Experience.


Top Challenges Faced by Nykaa in their Conventional eCommerce Service System

Nykaa was leveraging a traditional eCommerce Call Center Software that was inefficient in handling various service challenges & lowered workflow efficiency.

  • Lack of features in the software resulted in a higher shopper dissatisfaction ratio.
  • No options for the shoppers to provide call feedback.
  • Absence of CRM integration within their call center software made the conversation less proactive & informative.
  • Unavailability of integrated broadcasting channels for marketing campaigns.

Our Refined Solution to Nykaa’s Incompetent Post Sales Service Process

We offered our functional DialShree Solution customized with multiple process-specific modules like SMS broadcasting, number masking, Click2Call, and more that helped them to fine-tune their eCommerce service process and obtain desired results.

Smart Routing System for Prime Members

Privileged shoppers of the brand gets the leverage to bypass the general IVR calling procedure and get directly connected to the calling representative, saving their valuable time.

Feedback Module for Shoppers

To provide the best communication experience to the shoppers a Feedback IVRS is generated after every call that lets the shopper rate the call from 1 to 5 based on their experience with the caller which also helps analyze the agent performance and productivity.

Kapture CRM Integration with Click to Call Functionality

Quick calls to the shoppers made possible with our Click2Call Functionality, which enabled the agents to directly call the customers with one click and also fetch customer data and transactional information from the Nykaa’s Kapture CRM that was seamlessly integrated with our dialer solution leveraging customer mobile number. It made the process simpler as data got synched up at both sides and all the needed information now gets displayed on a single screen without the need for the agent to back and forth toggle the screen.

Added Privacy to Shoppers

Our advanced eCommerce call center solution offered the feature of number masking that hides important shoppers' profiles like mobile numbers, card details, etc., from calling representatives as well as conceals the reports at the admin level for data security & users’ privacy.

Personalized Shopping Experience with Omnichannel Calling Solution

Leveraging our omnichannel eCommerce solution, we enabled Nykaa to drive transactional messages through SMS and voice channel that intimated the shoppers about the estimated delivery of their goods & products. In addition, our customized SMS and voice broadcasting module automatically sends messages to the shoppers and updates them on the latest offers, coupon codes, newly arrived products, & services.

Automatic Ticket Tracking

Our unified eCommerce call center software automatically tracks the generated ticket from the shopper’s mobile number and displays it over the screen with past call history and other relevant details. This helps eCommerce representatives to stay on top of communication with shoppers.

Load Balancing Assured 100% Process Uptime

We employed the load balancing technique within the process that enabled inter location call transfer facility to cut down the call response time for calling representatives and provide an enhanced calling experience to the customers.

eCommerce Services Made Easier with Our Offered Solutions

Our super-efficient eCommerce solution empowered Nykaa to offer seamless services to their shoppers and boost customer satisfaction rates.

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