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How to Increase Customer Engagement in Ecommerce Industry with Call Center Solution?

The e-commerce industry has been booming for the past few years. The COVID 19 pandemic contributed to the further growth of this industry. There are multiple startup companies competing with some big brands and vice versa to position themselves in the cutthroat market of the eCommerce industry.

Keeping an engaging interaction between customer and business is necessary for the e-commerce industry and a call center solution can help doing this. Let’s understand how.

1. Sales support

Using an omnichannel contact center solution, your eCommerce business can provide the required sales assistant to increase the checkout rate and reduced the abandoned cart ratio. Using an instant messaging (chat) widget placed in your online store or by providing a help desk or WhatsApp number can help you increase sales.

2. Omnichannel customer support

You can use an omnichannel call center solution to provide round-the-clock customer support across unified communication channels. You can also use a cloud contact center solution to ensure in any condition, customer support is provided to clients. You can also use a work from home add-on along with a cloud contact center solution.

3. Generate more sales

Your agents can use one-to-one communication channels like WhatsApp and SMS to encourage customers to complete the checkout process, in case they have abandoned carts. Agents must not call customers as it may create a negative brand image. However, genuine care and support shown using on-the-go communication channels like WhatsApp to get the checkout process completed can help you increase sales.

4. Boost promotion programs

Almost all e-commerce stores have promotional campaigns to run to increase sales. Often, this kind of campaign is referred to as a big billion-day sale, New Year sale, etc. E-commerce businesses often use digital marketing and television ads for marketing. They can also use features of a call center solution to increase awareness and sales. For example, voice broadcasting and SMS broadcasting can help to reach all customers and make them aware of an upcoming sale.

5. Provide more personalized support

Whether your agents provide post-sales support to your customers or if they are trying to help them check out a product, offering personalized customer support can help in building a better relationship with customers. Integrating a CRM system into a call center solution with call center CRM integration can help provide your agents with the required information to deliver a better customer experience.


A call center solution, especially an omnichannel contact center solution, can help your e-commerce business position a better brand. This software can also help in enhancing the sales funnel and increasing checkout and conversion rates.

There are multiple ways of using an omnichannel contact center solution in an online store to increase sales, revenue, and customer success.

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