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Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution Empowers Businesses

VoIP solutions May 16, 2019

The IP PBX solution is an alternative of the traditional PSTN based commercial PBX solution. There are many businesses all across the world that use the IP PBX solution.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution is a step ahead in the telecom industry that appreciates the benefits of the IP PBX system. It provides the tenant support to the company, which is not available in the traditional PBX or normal IP PBX solution.

The business can flourish their business with the multi tenant IP PBX solution. The multi tenant IP PBX solution provides a complete system for consolidated communication and collaboration. It provides the base of a centralized and highly controlled environment of communication in the company. The advanced features are available to provide the superior experience to customers and partners and that also in real time.

The business with multiple branches or partners can create subaccounts, called, tenants in the multi tenant IP PBX solution. Each subaccount aka tenant can have similar or different features based on the need and association. Each tenant can take benefit of the IP telephony and the whole range of communication features.

Moreover, the logs of the communication can be logged in the tenant system as well as at the headquarter which can be further used to assure Quality of Service (QoS) and efficient use of resources.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution also provides rich data in the reports and call logs which can be used by the company to identify various crucial performance details.

For example, the reports can be used to identify which partner or branch receives more lead conversion ratio or more customer complaints. Based on the information decisions related to training, sales, etc. can be taken. There are many useful reports available in the multi tenant IP PBX solution which can be used to drive the forces in the right direction.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution also provides a reduction in the expenses. It uses internet protocol for making calls which is way cheaper than the cost of making calls via the traditional telephony system.

It is a software solution which means there is no cost or hassle of installing and maintaining hardware related to telecom system in the company. All these reduce the expenses of the company.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution provides remote access to the communication system as well as all features such as reports. The managers and users of the multi tenant IP PBX software can access it from the office, tradeshow, home or any other location to take care of their operations.

It is a versatile solution and can be used by any company and industry. There are many ways the multi tenant IP PBX software solution benefits businesses. We will be happy to guide you with personalized details and walkthrough of the multi tenant IP PBX software solution. For more details, contact us.

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