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Prudent Reduced Call Attrition Rate By 100% and Agent Productivity by 80% with DialShree

Reduced Agent Attrition

Increased Agent Productivity

Improved Call Quality

Reduced Call Drop Ratio


Prudent Corporate Advisory Services Ltd. is one of the fastest growing integrated wealth management companies in India. It provides wealth management services to personal and corporate investors since 2000.

We are happy to partner with Prudent as their technology partner by offering them our call center solution. Prudent uses PRI line based calling to stay connected with their investment clients.


Challenges faced with legacy system

The company had an in-house team of investment and wealth management specialists with a toll free number and primitive dialer. The increased call volume increased challenges for Prudent.

  • The manual report generation process was slow and error prone.
  • Very high agent attrition rate due to challenges correlated to manual operations.
  • Lack of a system to track missed calls or dropped calls, which could result in missing opportunities.
  • Long call wait times due to the manual communication system.

Our Solution to Prudent

Let's check how our prime solutions help Prudent to keep their agent productivity & customer satisfaction elevated.

DialShree: Call Center Software

We provisioned our feature rich call center solution to help the firm gain confidence of agents and investors, which was the paramount need of the company. The call center solution also had custom features along with other features to support wealth management experts of Prudent to provide the required support to sub-brokers and investors. Our team developed custom reports, plus, real time reports for Prudent to provide insights on their major KPIs. Some of the key features furnished to Prudent include group wise call management, state of the art call management features like in-group selection, manual dialer, call park and pickup, call hold and retrieve, call mute and un-mute, etc.

Call Center CRM Integration with Click2Call

We also provided call center CRM integration to Prudent to save resources and work more efficiently. This integration also introduces click2call functionality to enable executives of Prudent to make a call without leaving the CRM system simply by clicking on the contact.

Functional Environment of Offered Solutions

We have provisioned a holistic call center solution to Prudent. The functional environment of the complete system is as below:

30+ Agent Seats

1 PRI Lines

1 Sangoma Gateway with 1 Port

“DialShree has been a crucial element that has helped in fulfilling our company’s vision of providing customer-centric support...”
Mr. Herat Gandhi
Customer Service Head of Prudent Corporate Advisory Service Ltd

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