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Call Center Solution India Offered by Elision Benefits Indian Call Centers

India is one of the countries that are dealing heavily with the world novel Coronavirus. The country has many big units and industries that keep this country on the list of one of the rapidly growing countries. However, due to COVID 19, these industries are stopped working as part of the preventions taken by the Indian government. The PM of India had announced the lockdown of the whole nation for 21 days on the 25th of March 2020. Then after, he extended the lockdown for 19 more days. The government of India is taking all necessary steps to control the whole situation. However, because of the nature of this novel virus, things are still misbalanced.  In this situation, the businesses are trying to adopt different approaches so the work can go on and the economy of India can also be supported.

Being one of the leading unified communication solution provider companies, we have been working to help our clients and the country with our technological strength. There is also a smart city in India that uses our help desk ticketing solution along with the call center solution to handle the customer concerns. Our call center solution is one of the most advanced tools we offer to our clients.

Call center solution India is a specifically designed call center software for Indian call centers, BPOs, customer care centers, customer support centers, KPOs, and similar businesses. The call center solution India offered by us is built to offer robust, scalable, and secure call center dialer with a wide range of features to benefit call centers in India.

By keeping the current situation of extended lockdown in mind, we have been offering the “Remote Agent” module. This module of the call center solution allows call centers to take advantage of cloud telephony. For call center solution India, we have made guidelines to cater to the customer based on the custom needs with the least wait time.

Our team members have achieved remarkable business process continuity for our more than 80% of customers. Our team makes the required changes to shift an on-premise call center to the cloud call center dialer. The team of Indian call centers can access the call center software and keep campaigns running from the remote locations. Our advanced security module assures the high security of the call center software and data stored in it.

In India, there are many areas, in which the internet is not stable. If the team members of an Indian call center deals with such a situation, we can make configurations in a way that the agents can work from home even when the internet does not of high bandwidth.

One more concern for the call centers in India can be having agents that have no access to the internet or having no computer or laptop in the home. In this situation as well, the call centers can keep its campaign running. Our experts set up cloud call center dialer in a way that agents can attend calls directly from their phone.

Contact us if you want to keep your call center in India running even during the lockdown. We can help you.

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