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Top Tips to Keep Your Call Center Operational during the Pandemic

COVID 19 pandemic is going on and there is no clear indication that it is going to fade away soon. The numbers of cases and severity because of it are increasing like anything. The WHO has clearly indicated that it will take time in getting things under control and possibly the effects of the world novel Coronavirus are still going to shake the world for some time. In this situation, it is necessary for businesses to take the required steps to keep them going.

We offer the best call center solution to businesses and that is why we work closely with the call centers, BPOs, and similar businesses for more than 12 years. Based on our rich experience, here are some of the tips, we would like to share for call centers to keep operations going on and business running:

1. Go Remote

There is no question about do you have lockdown in your region or not. You must go remote. The call center solution can be moved to the cloud to take advantage of cloud telephony. “Remote Agent” add-on can let your teamwork from home. Going remote even if there is no lockdown would be a wise decision as this way you can assure the good health of your team members and yourself as well. At least, until things are very much under control in your country adopting the remote work model would be a good move.

2. Train agents

The remote work model is new for many call centers. Agents might not be comfortable working from home or they may have certain restrictions, which stop them from delivering good productivity. Thus, it is necessary to train agents to work in this type of setup and still delivering high performance. Also, give them clear guidelines about what would be the working hours and how they should be performing to get full salary and continuous work.

3. Use the power of omnichannel call center solution

The omnichannel call center solution is a call center software that supports all communication channels, including, calling, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Fax, etc. Even if you do not use this type of call center solution in general, you must adopt and use it during the current situation of the pandemic. It will help you in multiple ways.

4. Closely monitor and coach

Similar to in-house call centers, the virtual call centers also need close supervision. The supervisors should use different features available in the call center solution to monitor the performance of agents, the ratio of customer satisfaction, etc. Based on the data, they must also take the required steps to coach agents so they can improve and perform better.

5. Encourage agents

As mentioned earlier, it is not easy for all agents to work from home. Some of them find it distracting or overwhelming. Thus, it is necessary to encourage them with certain fun activities and giving rewards.

If you want a reliable call center solution that can help you have a high performing remote working model, contact us.

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