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Ganesh Housing Optimized Workforce to Deliver Better Customer Experience

Enhanced Real-estate lead conversion

Improvement in the missed call handling

Enhanced housing customer concern resolution

Better data management


Ganesh Housing Corporation Ltd (GHCL) is one of the renowned real estate developers. Since 1960, Ganesh Housing has been continuing to rule the real estate industry in Gujarat with their real estate projects.

We are glad to work with the visionary real estate team of Ganesh Housing. It's our pleasure that Ganesh Housing uses our call communication solution and help desk ticketing software to manage opportunities and customers. The real estate agency has an optimized workforce to deliver a better experience to clients and buyers.


Challenges faced with legacy system

Ganesh Housing used to use a traditional telephony system to attend to calls from buyers for commercial or residential spaces. They also used to use the legacy system to manage concerns raised by the customers to provide a better living experience.

  • Missed out sales opportunities due to missing mechanism to track missed calls.
  • No way to identify the source of the call to strategize marketing plans.
  • No way to connect buyers to the skilled agent to increase the chances of sales.
  • Missing reports and data that can help to improve sales and customer experience operations.
  • Missing tools for effective customer query resolution to deliver a better living experience.

Our Solutions to Ganesh Housing

Inbound Communication Solution

We have configured a dedicated DID number for each marketing channel such as theatre, newspaper, flyer, etc. Each number is connected to a dedicated agent. We have also configured a skill based call routing rule to connect a customer with the most skilled agents to increase sales chances. The system also logs all missed calls and sends an email notification for each missed call. In addition to that, we have designed a custom web form to collect the required lead details to manage sales campaigns in the future. We have also provided agent side reports like:

  • Missed calls and email acknowledgment
  • Total calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Received calls
  • Campaign wise reports
  • DID wise reports

CRM integration

We have integrated a third party CRM with our communication software to push call logs and call recordings to the CRM system and keep accurate data at both portals.

Help desk ticketing solution

We have integrated our help desk ticketing solution with the mobile app of Ganesh Housing. The end users can raise concerns via this mobile app or the team of Ganesh Housing can raise a concern using the web app of our help desk ticketing system. The relevant technician will take care of this concern, which can be drainage, water, light, etc. The status of the ticket will be reflected in both the web app and mobile app. The system also has an SLA mapping to ensure that the customer tickets get resolved within a predefined time. This optimizes the process of grievance management.

"It’s been pleasure working with you on relatively new technology for us, the Call Management ..."
Mr. Dhaval Rao
President - IT

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