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Automobile Industry Blossoms with Contact Center Solution

Gone are the days when once a vehicle is sold, the work is done for the Automobile center. Now, the Automobile centers are involved in many best practices to increase the sale and recurring as well as referral business. These activities include:

  • Marketing about existing and new range of vehicles
  • Helping customers with constant support to finish all required documentation and paperwork
  • Staying in touch with the customer as part of customer relation building activities

In fact, there are many automobile centers, which also assist customers in the process of vehicle insurance, vehicle service, RTO passing and many other post sales activities to increase the revenues and business model expansion.

All of the above mentioned activities require massive communication. The traditional communication mechanism such as email, SMS and direct calling are difficult to track in terms of activities as well as no clear measurements for quality and performance review can be found. Here the contact center solution plays a pivot role. How? Let’s see top 3 benefits of Contact Center solution which proves how Automobile industry blossoms with this solution!

Unified solution of communication

If an agent or receptionist of an Automobile center communicates with traditional mechanism, they would call from the landline or personal mobile number. Often, this creates havoc when that person is unreachable for some reason or leaves the job. Also, the communication made can’t be tracked and the only way to review the communication made is verbal statements. The contact center solution can use the features such as:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Ring groups

These features ensure that the call is attended by the right person, responded on time and everything is tracked. Even if the person leaves the job or not reachable at the moment, the call can be forwarded to the next best agent to speak with! This ensure 99% response rate!

Clear logs of each communication made

The call center solution comes up with the features such as:

  • Call recording
  • Call detail logs
  • Custom reports

All these features can be used for screening and reviewing. This can be helpful to have one platform from which supervisors can see

  • How much communication was done?
  • What type of language was used?
  • Was call attended on time or not?

Based on these details, proper training can be given to ensure the best quality response to the customers. This is one of the most important tasks so the customer relation can be managed well to get referral and repeat business.

Graphs and Reports for decision making

The contact center solution offers call log details as well as a whole range of reports. These reports can be campaign wise, agent wise, and on different criteria. There can be simple statistics as well as a graphical representation of data for better understanding. These reports can be used to see which vehicle range is performing better or which agent is getting better response. Many important business decisions can be taken using this reports and valuable data shown in the reports.

We have furnished Turnkey Contact center solution to many automobile centers. Feel free to review the Case Study for one of the Automobile Centers to which we provisioned the turnkey contact center solution:

You have an Automobile center, too? Then, stop waiting and make a contact center solution part of your business. To discuss more, contact us!

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