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IP PBX Solution Benefits Healthcare Industry

The technology has paved its way in all different industries and healthcare is not left behind. Along with ultramodern medical devices, the hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to provide quick assistance and responses. On time response and patient care would increase the fame of the hospital. The IP PBX solution can empower communication and collaboration of the hospital. It will let healthcare industry use power of unified communication in their favor. Let me unveil the top 5 benefits of an IP PBX solution for the healthcare industry.

1. Extended Mobility and Highest Privacy

The IP PBX solution provides a powerful communication tool to the hospitals and other medical facilities. It can be used without sitting next to the hospital landline or sharing personal mobile number. There are many amazing features such as call forwarding, call routing, call transfer, etc. that seamlessly connects patients with the doctor’s preferred number without exposing that number. This omnichannel communication solution will provide extended mobility and highest level of privacy to hospital staff.

2. Effective Collaboration

If you have multiple branches of your hospital, you can take benefit of collaboration with multitenant IP PBX solution without any additional setup. The multitenant IP PBX system will seamlessly connect all different branches of your hospital to have uninterruptible communication with staff members of different branches and patients.

3. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction

The IP PBX solution lets you assure that the calls of the patients are attended promptly. It lets you define which call should go to which doctor. It also has facility to define an automated message, IVR or an emergency number to attend call during off hours. You can also use the feature like ‘Find Me, Follow Me’ to assure the call is attended by someone. This assurance of attending calls promptly will increase the satisfaction of the patients without knowing how the same number routes calls to different people or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.

4. Better Resource Utilization

The IP PBX system will automate certain communication, plus, make the telecommunication infrastructure simpler. This will keep your staff and other resources available to use for other tasks.

5. Save Money

The IP PBX solution is software based communication system. Thus, it will remove all costs required to set up and maintain a traditional telecommunication infrastructure. Furthermore, if you use SIP based calling, then it will make telecommunication cheaper as VoIP calling is cheaper than traditional telecommunication system. All these will let you save a lot of money.


The IP PBX solution will simplify the communication infrastructure of the hospital; provide an advanced platform for collaboration, delight patients and save money. All these will help a hospital to increase ROI and reputation.

We offer IP PBX and Multitenant IP PBX Solution for healthcare industry along with many other interesting solutions specifically developed for the healthcare industry. Contact us to discuss more in detail.

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