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Elision Launched Smart Grievance Management System for Smart Cities

Ticketing System April 14, 2021

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, have been offering smart city solutions. Some of the well-known smart cities in India use our smart city solutions like GMDA (Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority), Agra smart city, etc. Along with these smart cities, many businesses and enterprises also use our one or more smart city solutions. We are launching a comprehensive grievance management solution for smart cities, which can also be used by any company or organization.

As the name suggests, it provides a complete grievance management system with smart features. Moreover, we deploy a centralized system, so each solution working in this grievance management system can work in a harmony.

The key solutions with customized features available in the grievance management system are listed below:

This system can be used in managing all or a specific type of grievances. For example, in smart cities, this system can be used in managing citizen grievances related to:

  • Water supply and drainage
  • Electricity
  • Road and transportation
  • Healthcare and other emergency services
  • And many more

In any business or company, this smart grievance system can be used to handle grievances related to:

  • Product
  • Post-sales customer support
  • Inquiry related issues
  • Billing issues
  • Team behavior concerns
  • And more

In a nutshell, this system can manage all types of grievances.

How it works?

  • We configure a helpline number for customers or people to contact. This number will be configured with our call center solution having customized features.
  • When a customer or citizen calls to raise a grievance ticket, a dynamic and multilevel IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system of the call center solution will greet the caller. It will further provide personalized menus to allow the caller to raise the support ticket. If there is any complicated case, a caller can also connect to the customer care representative.
  • As soon as the ticket is raised, either via IVR or agent, a support ticket will be generated automatically in the IT help desk ticketing solution. Furthermore, it will be assigned to the designated departments and engineers. A timer will also be set based on the predefined duration given by the smart city or a company to resolve that ticket. The ticket number will be sent to the customer via SMS
  • The customers or citizens can check the status of their grievance ticket via IVR of the call center solution. The updates will be sent via SMS.
  • The internal team can communicate to resolve the grievance using our multi tenant IP PBX solution.
  • If the ticket does not get resolved within a predefined time, an escalation email will be sent to the higher management, so they can look into the matter.
  • The management or designated team can also see open tickets and their status on the dashboard setup on their LCDs.

This is the functional model of our grievance management system, which is currently in use in Gurugram smart city. Contact us for more details or to raise an inquiry.

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