Helpdesk Ticketing System


The helpdesk ticketing system is an automated way to create a helpdesk or technical support ticket for present and future reference of the reported issue or concern and the provisioned solution. The helpdesk ticketing system makes the task of offering technical support swift and streamlined.

The helpdesk ticketing system allows creating automated or manual tickets aka request inquiry for support via emails, web forms, IVR Call and API. Even the agents at the technical support center can create a helpdesk ticket on receipt of a support requirement call or chat request from the customer. The ticketing solution comes with the advanced features which help in logging each activity performed by different agents and support people for resolving an issue. The tickets can be reviewed any time in future.

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Get a quick view of the whole system with an eagle view display of details on a single screen of the Dashboard.

Ticket Transfer

The tickets can be reassigned or transferred to other agents and technician based on the resource availability and other aspects. It means automatically assigned ticket can be reassigned to another agent or department manually with this feature.

Set Priority

Set the priority for tickets to ensure high priority issues are taken care of immediately..

Ticket Filters

Filter tickets based on the criteria and priority. You can set custom rules to route the tickets to the right department or person. Also, the ticket filters will trigger predefined actions.

Custom Field to Add Additional Details

The custom fields such as full name, email address, phone number, additional information, etc. to have complete records of each ticket and its owner.

Add Agent and Technician Details

Add the details of the technicians and agents who are working on the issue to provide resolution. The details such as name of the agent and the department will help in preserving required details of resolution for future reference.

Add Personal Note

The ticket personal note gives a quick brief about the way issue handled, who contacted last to the customer and many other details.

Ticket Locking For Agent Conflict Evasion

To avoid multiple agents working on the same ticket and responding to the same customer, the ticket can be locked from further access by the agent or technician who is working on the ticket. Once the ticket is locked, it cannot be accessed or worked upon by any other agent or technical support executive until it is unlocked. The ticket can be unlocked manually by the agent who has locked it or by the system itself for setting the lock timeout trigger.

Rich HTML Support

Add customized fonts and font style to highlight the important points. You may also add and store screenshots, images and other details related to ticket in rich format for a clearer view of the issue and provided a solution.

Auto Response

Set automated response on receipt of support ticket. This will work as an acknowledgment email for the customer.

Service Level Agreements

The Service Level Agreements, which is also be known as automated reminders and notifications, feature escalate the reminder or notification in case of notices, overdue dates and actions. This can be set for different projects and actions to get automated reminders.


The helpdesk ticketing system provides a range of reports to review the work done over a period of time with historic data.

User Portal

Users can access the user portal without signing up for the account. The account can be used to submit a ticket. The user may login using email and ticket ID to see the history of tickets.