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A2Billing: Taking your Customer Calling Services to the Next Level

News March 23, 2015

Customer Calling Services

What exactly is A2Billing?

A2Billing is a trusted aide of telecom companies. A2Billing by Elision is found highly useful by telecom companies. It facilitates billing in real time transactions, invoices and rates calls and also supports payment gateways. The advanced solutions help companies reduce their cost of operations.

The robust system is being preferred over VoIP Soft-Switches and TDM as it is more efficient and highly cost-effective. Elision Tech offers comprehensive professional support with its A2Billiing solution backed by a robust development network to commercial players.

Services Available:

A slew of exciting features are available to users. Take a fleeting glimpse for yourself.

VoIP Billing & Termination:

  • VoIP services for commercial, residential and wholesale consumers
  • Support for PC Dialers, Mobile Dialers, IP-PBX systems, Class 4 and 5 telecom switches
  • Calls can be rated in real time
  • Customizable prepaid and postpaid billing options
  • Interactive customer portal with intuitive features and online payment service

Calling Cards:

  • PIN dependent authentication
  • Dialing without PIN
  • Auto assignment of Caller IDs
  • Auto sign-ups and refilling of vouchers
  • Support for auto dialers of smart phones


  • Internet routed and ANI services
  • Support for PIN verification and caller IDs
  • Comprehensive array of billing options

DID Resale:

  • Re-sell telephone numbers
  • Customizable charging options for Ingress (A-Leg) and Egress (B-Leg)
  • Revenue share numbers supported
  • Support for On-Net calls and facility of integrated billing
  • Redirection facility for DID to PSTN and VoIP destinations
  • Failover options available

Other Attractive Features:

  • Various billing modules like rate per second, free calls, subscriptions etc.
  • Interactive Admin interface with comprehensive features for smooth customer and product management
  • Create vouchers for topping up prepaid cards
  • Generate varied reports and analysis like comprehensive call details, profit and loss, customer activity, carrier reconciliation etc.
  • Easy web interface for facilitating addition, management and controlling customers by resellers
  • Ensure correct commission payment by spontaneously assigning customers to agents with links to A2Billing installed in reseller website
  • Customer portal offering access to online payment modes, DID purchase, call forwarding, rate simulation and call data record tracking
  • Easy customer addition, generation of customer and calling card numbers, auto account debit, auto refill
  • Send credit limit notifications through email
  • Update customers in bulk
  • Cards with multiple expiry options
  • Make customers avail discounts individually
  • Create customer clusters, track history and CRM
  • Easy importing from legacy calling card platforms
  • Troubleshoot customer complaints with tickets
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Record calls
  • Flexible templates for notifying events and actions to customers by emails
  • Support for IAX2 and SIP Protocol, request based support for SIP over TCP for Microsoft OCS
  • Varied methods for VoIP authentication
  • Easy manipulation of caller IDs
  • Various codec and CoIP CPE for each customer account

The list of features available through A2Billing is literally endless. Elision has pioneered versatile use of A2Billing by offering easy integration to your reselling modules. The services are available for commercial, personalized or wholesale customer support and service. Elision offers round the clock professional support apart from pricing its services competitively.

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