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Advanced Call Distribution in Detail with Benefits

Call centers have to handle a large number of calls on a daily basis. One thing that all of these calls have in common is that they all have to go through the ACD (Advance Call Distribution). The Automatic Call Distributor, better known as ACD, is a call center software, which answers the inbound calls and routes them to specific agents.

ACD is responsible for handling the communication process in a call center. Hence, this call center solution must be used creatively and efficiently to boost customer experience. Below mentioned are a few ways to get creative with the ACD software and improve customer satisfaction.

Prefer VIP calls

VIPs are generally loyal to a service and service owners put in ample efforts to retain their loyalty. Similarly, in the call center industry, there are many such VIPs. A VIP could be a much anticipated-client, vulnerable customer or key decision-maker who must be given priority.

The ACD in call center software allows VIP callers to be routed to the best agents immediately using customizable call routing. This call center solution, with CRM integration, can identify VIP callers based on predefined information, tags which they were assigned and information from the database and other business tools.

Call routing based on location

The local people may prefer to converse in their local language and would like to get support in the same. Location-based routing can help provide the most local service to customers in the language of their preference.

It can be achieved by call line identification of the caller’s area code, reducing the dependency on the IVR. Mapping the caller ID to the customer experience journey and business logic automatically can help to provide a satisfying customer experience.

Call routing based on the status

Explaining again and again about who they, what they have purchased from you and what problem they are facing can become quite annoying for a customer. Status-based routing tries to imitate the concept of live helpdesk tickets or complaints to make routing decisions.

The ACD in call center solution, with CRM integration, can provide the agents with data regarding open issues for the caller and enhance the flexible automation using data lookup as its foundation as well.

Call routing based on the campaign

Campaign-based routing involves providing the customers with multiple phone numbers linked to the campaign. These numbers may contain “whisper tones” to alert the agent about the subject of the call. In campaign-based routing, multiple numbers are made available to the customers and the routing decisions depend on which number the caller is using.

Advertising can nurture great leads if only the callers are directed to the right agents through the call center software. The ways mentioned can enhance the operation of the Automatic Call Distributor to boost customer satisfaction. Given how greatly this call center solution facilitates various routing operations, it provides quality ROI on the service.

Recent cloud-based advances in the ACD in call center software has allowed for simpler call flow designs and the build needed for efficient call routing. As a cloud-based system can offer great advantages, call centers should consider updating their current ACD feature.

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