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Agent Experience in Call Center Defines Customer Experience

Call centers often invest a lot of time, money, and resources to increase customer experience and satisfaction. Many of them receive success and many of them stay puzzled with a question: Even after putting all required efforts, why do not they get expected customer satisfaction ratio? The reason behind this might be dissatisfied agents.

Even if you have the best call center solution, but if your agents are unhappy, you are less likely to achieve success. Don’t believe me? This blog will share the top 3 reasons agent experience defines the customer experience.

1. Increased agent hopping results in untrained staff

If your agents are not happy, it may increase the resignation and recruitment cycle. This not only wastes a lot of money and resources on hunting and recruiting new agents, but it will also result in some unavoidable losses. When you hire a new agent or a team of agents, you invest in the training process.

When agents resign and leave the job, you need to repeat the whole process. The agent hopping will not only waste money and time on training programs, but it will also result in increased vacancies in your call center. It further results in less number of agents and increased call queues.

Also, it increases the number of not completely trained agents. As one can gauge, this may result in bad or moderate customer service.

2. Unhappy agents will not give their 100%

If your agents are not happy for whatsoever reason, they will not give their 100% in anything. All they would need to do is pulling themselves and spending a day to finish it in the call center.

Thus, they will not give attention to the training you provide them. They will also not serve customers wholeheartedly. This results in passing negative energy to customers, which increases customer dissatisfaction.

3. Unhappy agents may increase customer frustration

When your agents are loaded with a lot of work or they are not fully trained, their confidence will be low which will reduce their productivity. This will down their morale.

Furthermore, unhappy agents will not have their souls in their job. Thus, they may lag in their responses or increase customer hold time or fumble in the calls. This will increase the frustration level of customers.


In a nutshell, if your agents are unhappy, they will make your customers unhappy. You should provide them the latest tools such as the best call center software; personalized training; motivational perks and a healthy working environment so they stay happy and serve your customers happily. This will increase customer satisfaction and overall performance of the company.

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