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AI Powered Voice Analysis Launched for Call Center Solution Users

We are excited to announce the launch of an AI-powered voice analysis add-on for users of our DialShree, call center solution. This add-on will automate the monitoring and analysis of call quality and agent performance.

We are one of the leading providers of the best call center solution empowered with advanced call center technology. We have introduced automation for various operations. Our recently launched AI-driven voice analysis module will automate screening different call recording files and perform sentiment and emotion and speech analysis to give you concrete data to judge the quality of service and quality of the call.

Remarkable Improvement in Major KPIs

  • 30% of boost in sales
  • 15% of reduction in AHT
  • 50% of resources saved in the QA process

Major Industries that Can Use Voice Analysis

  • Customer Support
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • E-commerce
  • Automobile
  • Health

Key features of automated voice analysis tool for call center solution

1. Call analysis (Individual & Overall)

All calls will be monitored, reviewed, analyzed, and scored individually. It will also provide complete structured details of call quality at your call center.

2. Sentiment and emotion analysis

This AI voice analysis add-on will identify the emotions of the agent and the customer to show their emotional state at each timestamp during a call. It can also show when a customer or an agent was rude, angry, upset, unhappy, etc.

This will help you identify the lack of knowledge, training, or behavior in the agent to take the required actions and improve the same. Moreover, it will benefit in gauging customer experience to improve the approach of customer service and make the required enhancements in products.

3. Call transcript with STT

The tool will show a transcript of the whole call as one of the outcomes using the speech to text (STT) mechanism.

4. Call scoring

This voice analysis tool will review predefine elements such as tone of voice, usage of words, silence in the call, etc., and based on the value of each important element, each call will be assigned with a score to show how good or bad the call was!

5. Structured calling standards

The call center defines call structure standards to be followed by agents, which include:

  • Call opening
  • Issue resolution
  • Call wrap up

With keyword tagging and other features, the call center solution user using an AI voice analysis tool can ensure agents are following the set of protocols.

6. Silence and verbose conversation detection

In any call center, occurrences of silence or verbose dialogues define poor customer experience. Some occasions can be ignored, but if a call has a lot of awkward silence or over talked conversations, it has to be addressed to improve the quality of service. This can be detected using this voice analysis tool. The tool will show silence and the number of words used per minute (WPM).

7. Agent scorecard

Calls of each agent get evaluated for quality assurance purposes automatically based on predefined standards and criteria. Based on the evaluation, each agent will be scored for his/her performance. The agent scorecard makes it easier for a call center to reward or train agents depending on their performance.

8. Actionable insight

You can see actionable data in the form of charts and reports, which can be downloaded for further review. You can take data-driven actions to improve results using this insightful data.

This voice analysis tool for contact center software supports multiple languages. To benefit users of call center solution India along with other users, we have built the capacity to understand multiple Indian languages.

Languages supported by this AI-driven voice analysis and call quality monitoring tool for call center software are listed below:

  • Hindi
  • English
  • Hindi + English
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Marathi
  • Gujarati

If you are interested in knowing more about this voice analysis tool and how it works in a live demo, you can raise an inquiry here. Our executives will revert with details to book a demo.

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