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AI Voice Analysis – The Secret to Boost Agent Performance

Call Center June 9, 2022

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been empowering the call center industry with its incredible call center automation capabilities. The AI voice analysis for call center is one of the popular AI tools available for call center solution users. This tool helps in improving customer experience, the standard of customer services, and the quality of services. These are the known benefits of the AI voice analysis tool for call centers. But, do you know that this AI call center solution also helps in boosting agent performance and productivity?

Let us share more about the role of AI voice analysis in a call center to boost agent performance.

1. Call scoring helps to boost performance

The first and foremost feature of an AI call center solution with voice analysis capability is scoring all calls based on predefined performance criteria. This gives a clear hint on poor-performing agents, so they can be further trained or coached to perform better. It also shows high-performing calls with higher scores. These agents can be awarded or recognized for a good job to encourage them and other agents to perform better with higher efficiency and productivity.

2. Context-driven agent training

The advantage of AI voice analysis for call center solutions not only gives the score, but also shows exact concern areas. For example, if there are some minutes in the call when agents have been silent or over-talked, then that will be highlighted. Each issue will be highlighted with an exact timestamp in the voice analysis graph for each call.

Supervisors can use this information to train agents with the exact examples and context. This can benefit supervisors to give more specific training. On the other hand, it helps agents to learn based on context and improve their performance.

3. Improve performance beyond words

In most call centers, the only values measured to assess performance are the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) shown in the call center solutions. However, AI voice analysis for call centers goes beyond those mere numbers. It detects and displays the sentiments of customers during different moments in a call. This can help supervisors to focus on improving performance beyond spoken words. Supervisors can train agents to react cautiously based on the emotional state of a customer, which can directly impact verbal signs and other KPIs.

4. Continuous learning and improvement curve

Unlike group training in call centers, AI call center solution opens the doors for ongoing training based on individual performance. This can help agents to constantly evolve their ways of communicating with clients and excel in their job.

These are the top 4 ways that help agents directly to improve individual performance and productivity on an ongoing basis. From verbal to nonverbal signs can be captured to cater to clients with better and more reliable services. This way, the AI voice analysis tool helps in boosting individual and overall agent performance and productivity.

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