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API Integration in Collection Module Doubles Its Power

The call center industry is really big. All different industry verticals run call center campaigns to assure all operations are running perfectly. To run these operations, call centers use call center solutions. Generally, this solution comes with features that automate many operations in the business. Still, there are some business specific operations that need to be taken care of manually.

This wastes a considerable amount of time of the agents and supervisors. The best solution is to get a customized call center software solution. Getting it developed can be an expensive affair. However, there are some top companies like us that introduce some modules to automate some common features and functions. Our collection module is one of the modules developed by us to benefit one of the biggest sectors in the call center industry, namely, collection.

The collection module is available for our call center solution, DialShree, VICIDial and also for proprietary call center software systems. It automates certain operations related to collection companies such as grouping contacts, filtering the people that have already paid EMIs, etc.

The collection module itself is a powerful feature that increases the functional capabilities of the call center software. The call center collection module integration creates a whole solution for the collection companies. To increase its functional capabilities and to provide collection companies a personalized solution, we offer API integration in this module.

We can integrate any API in the collection module to further personalize this system. This will help you leverage many benefits. Let’s understand this with an example. If you are running a collection company, you might be using a CRM solution along with the call center software. The CRM system is used to store information of the customer and his payment history.

The call center CRM integration of your CRM solution with the collection module integrated call center software will make it a more powerful solution. Now, whenever an agent is on the live call, he can see the complete record of the customer within the call center software during the live call. He can also review his payment history to personalize his conversion with the customer.

We can integrate any API with the collection module integrated call center solution so your agents can use features of multiple solutions within the call center software window. Furthermore, we can make provision in a way that if the agent makes any changes in the customer record during or after the live call, it will be reflected in both, call center software and CRM solution.

There are many benefits of integrating the collection module in the call center solution along with API integration. Contact us to get a free demo and other details about this powerful solution made available for collection companies.

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