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Benefits of Advanced Call Distribution in Call Center

A call center solution offers an array of features. Advanced call distribution (ACD) is one of the most popular and useful features available in this software. In this article, we will share more details about ACD and its major advantages for the users of a call center solution.

What is ACD?

It is an automatic call routing rule available in the call center solution. This feature automatically routes incoming calls to the right agent.

In a contact center solution, there can be multiple call distribution features. Each ACD has a specific algorithm to route an incoming call based on certain conditions. Each advanced call distribution feature has multiple benefits to offer.

Some of the popular ACD rules available in a call center software are listed below:

  • Sticky agent
  • Skill-based call routing
  • Round robin
  • Least talk time-based call routing
  • And more

What are the major advantages of advanced call distribution (ACD)?

There are many benefits of using this feature of a call center solution. Let us share some of the major advantages of ACD.

1. Enhanced customer experience

ACD has multiple algorithms to use to route an inbound call to the right agent. This makes sure that when a customer is connected to the agent, the agent has the required information, system access, experience, and skills to handle that customer case. This contributes to increased customer satisfaction as the agent will sound more helpful, confident, and professional. This will not only help in increasing the resolution rate in a call center, but it will also enhance the customer experience.

2. Increase FCR rate

FCR (First Call Resolution) has many advantages to offer. If a caller receives an answer within the first call, this can increase customer loyalty and brand value. This can also help in bringing in more business to your call center. On the other hand, this can make sure that the same customer will not need to contact the call center for resolution. Therefore, agents will have one less ticket or call to handle in the future. This can help in enhancing resource utilization.

The right ACD will make sure that the customer is connected to the agent that has the required skills to resolve customer concerns within the first call. That is why advanced call distribution rules can help in increasing FCR.

3. Increase agent productivity

The agents will get the calls that they can handle with ease and within less time. This will reduce the call transfer rate and save a lot of time. The increased first call resolution rate because of the right advanced call routing rule will also increase agent productivity. This rule will also help in enhancing the value of many other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as time spent on calls, a total number of incoming calls, call abandoned rate, average call handling time (AHT), call waiting time,  idle time, calls in queue, and more.

In a nutshell, ACD has many benefits to offer. The call center solution has multiple other features along with advanced call distribution to benefit a call center that uses this software. Contact us to book a free demo of the most advanced call center solution and explore more features and benefits of this software.

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