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Benefits of Custom Call Center Integration

A call center solution comes with a wide array of features. This solution with its basic and advanced features is good enough to handle multiple operations and tasks. It can help in increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. It can also be used to assure better resource utilization and maximum productivity.

However, often call centers using a call center solution using more than one solution. Moreover, there are some more custom call center integrations a call center may need for one or more reasons. Some of the common call center integrations required by the call centers are listed below:

  • Call center CRM integration
  • Call center communication channel integration (WhatsApp, SMS, Video, Email, Live Chat, Social Media, Fax, etc.)
  • Call center IP PBX integration
  • Call center 3rd party API integration

There are many benefits of investing in the custom call center integrations such as:

Save time and increase productivity

The custom call center integrations benefits call centers in saving time and increasing productivity. Let me share how.

  • Believe it or not, but nowadays, only voice calls are not enough to deliver the best customer support and services. Therefore, call centers need to use at least some of the preferred modes of communication of their customers. If these additional communication channels are not integrated into the call center solution, then agents need to handle multiple applications along with the call center solution. This would not only waste a lot of time, but also make quality monitoring difficult.
  • However, call center WhatsApp integration or any other communication channel integration into the call center solution assures all communication channels can be accessed within the call center solution. This will save time as agents will not need to move back and forth. It will save time and increase productivity. This will also help in assuring the quality of service.
  • Adding other solutions into the call center software also save time otherwise spent in data entry or switching back and forth.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention

When your agents don’t take too long to respond to customers and deliver the quality of services, the customers will be delighted. When customers will be catered to via their preferred mode of communication, customer satisfaction will be improved. Also, when customers will receive personalized responses from agents, they will feel valued. All these will help in increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Better record management

When other communication channels and call center solutions will be integrated into the call center solution, record management would be easier. The change of record in one system will automatically update the record in another system. This will assure that all the time, all systems have the most accurate information and records.

These are the top 3 benefits of using custom call center integrations. There are several advantages of using an integrated system. We offer a call center solution as well as custom call center integrations. If you are interested in any of the services or solutions, contact us.

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