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Benefits of Using Secure IVR of DialShree: Call Center Solution in Banks

VoIP solutions May 20, 2021

DialShree is a popular call center solution, which is used in all industry verticals. It has a wide array of features and each feature is crafted with an excellent and advanced functional logic. Therefore, even a standard feature of DialShree: call center solution provides superior functionalities.

In this blog, we will share how an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature available in the call center solution, DialShree benefits banks in multiple ways.

PCI Compliance and other security norms

  • Banks and all other organizations that include financial transactions need to follow PCI compliance.
  • IVR feature along with other features offered in the DialShree, call center solution for banks are PCI compliant.
  • All transactions carried out using IVR of this call center software encrypt sensitive data to provide the highest security.
  • This call center solution also integrates to provide further security and comply with the PCI rules defined for banks and the finance industry.

Automated operations

IVR of DialShree automates multiple operations. Customers do not need to wait in the call queue to get connected with the bank representative to take some important and in some cases, emergency action such as:

  • Hot marking a credit card or a debit card
  • Disabling a net banking account
  • Canceling a cheque
  • Reporting a transaction
  • Checking account balance
  • Requesting a passbook or cheque-book
  • Requesting a new debit card
  • Fetching last 10 transaction
  • And more

Improved customer satisfaction

  • With this feature of the DialShree: call center solution, customers can take multiple operations autonomously. They do not need to wait in the call queue and they also do not need to visit the branch office.
  • Customers can also request a call back in case they need to talk to the bank representative. In this case, this call center solution automatically calls the customer who requested a call back when the executive is available to take the call.
  • All these and multiple other functionalities supported by IVR of DialShree make the customer experience seamless and improve customer satisfaction.

Increase productivity and performance

  • As banking staff or agents do not need to stay on the line answering repetitive questions or taking some predefined actions, there is a lot of time saved.
  • The saved time can be used in running other campaigns like selling banking products using other features of the DialShree call center solution like predictive dialer, auto dialer, hotkeys, call script, etc. This can help in increasing productivity as well as performance and sales.
  • The call center CRM integration can further increase productivity and performance.

IVR can perform multiple other jobs

The IVR of this call center solution can perform many other actions like:

  • Connecting a customer to the right agent if required
  • Collecting feedback from the customer
  • Running a survey
  • Sending alerts, notifications, reminders, etc.
  • And many more


In summation, there is much an IVR feature can do for a bank and similar financial organization.

DialShree: call center solution has many amazing features along with an IVR. It has many more automation features like voice broadcasting, auto dialers, auto record update, etc. Contact us to book a free demo and consultation call to experience the power of all features of this call center solution.

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