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Best Call Center KPIs to Measure and Improve Performance in 2022

To create a business success strategy, call centers have to evaluate some key performance indicators (KPIs). Usually, a majority of KPIs stay the same every year, but with multiple factors, some of the KPIs get changed. Being aware of the latest performance indicators and measuring them to create the right strategy for success is necessary.

In this article, we will share the top 5 KPIs that all call centers must measure in 2022, whether they are inbound, outbound, or blended call centers. A majority of call center solutions will show these KPIs in reports.

1. First response time (FRT)

Customers prefer companies that value their time. FRT is the time that agents take in answering a call once it is routed to them, whether it is an incoming or outgoing call. If an agent takes more than 3 to 5 seconds, it is likely to increase customer dissatisfaction. In the case of outgoing calls generated using a predictive dialer or any other auto dialer, 33% of callers drop the call without connecting with agents due to delay.

2. Average handling time (AHT)

It has been on a list of important KPIs of many call centers and in 2022 as well, it will be an important KPI to look for in your call center software reports. It reflects the total time an agent takes to handle one call. If agents take more time than standard AHT, then training, upgradation of the software, etc. might be needed. Depending on the circumstances, the right steps need to be taken to reduce AHT and increase productivity.

3. Average call transfer rate

It is another important KPI that reflects customer satisfaction. The average call transfer rate indicates how many times a call gets transferred to another agent or supervisor. If your average call transfer rate is high, you might be using a wrong call routing strategy of a cloud contact center solution and you must change it.

4. Average call hold time (AHT)

It shows an average value of time customers stay on hold. It can happen because of the use of wrong auto dialers or call distribution features available in a call center solution. It can also happen because of a technical glitch or multiple solution windows. For example, if a call center doesn’t use call center CRM integration, agents need to switch from a call center dialer screen to a CRM screen. This can cause a higher hold time. It reduces customer satisfaction. To keep customers happy, this KPI must be measured in 2022.

5. Average after call work (ACW)

This is the average of time, agents take in completing administrative jobs such as adding disposition, filling some forms, and showing availability to take the next call. Ideally, agents must spend more time talking with clients rather than competing administrative jobs. Thus, this KPI must be measured and improved to enjoy higher productivity.


These are the top 5 KPIs that call centers must measure in 2022.

The right call center software solution can help in monitoring and improving KPIs. We offer one of the most advanced and feature-rich call center solutions that have been empowering contact centers. If you are interested in knowing more about this software and exploring our clientele of call centers benefiting from this software, contact us.

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