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Best Call Center Practices for Banks

If you are running a call center for banks or leading a banking call center, then you must know the best practices. Even if you use the best contact center software, you need to know the best practices that all agents must follow. This is necessary to deliver exceptional customer service and follow PCI compliance and/or other legislation related to it.

1. Easily accessible information

In a bank call center, multiple campaigns are executed such as:

  • Customer care
  • Sales for credit cards, debit cards, other banking products, etc.
  • Collection for loan EMIs, credit card bills, etc.
  • And more

Agents need to have all the required information at their fingertips to handle calls more efficiently. For this, along with a call center solution, a bank must use a CRM system and integrate these two platforms with call center CRM integration. If the bank uses any other platform to save customer information, then the bank can integrate that platform into the call center software.

2. Keep privacy and security at priority

Banks often deal with sensitive user information. This data is crucial and should not be tempered, stolen, or attacked else it can cause major consequences. Thus, banks need to follow some best practices like:

  • Mask sensitive customer information
  • Never store sensitive data such as credit card PIN details
  • Encrypt database entries
  • Add security features for tools like a call center solution for banks, IP PBX software for banks, etc.

3. Provide self-serving options

Banking customers are often well versed to use phone banking and telebanking features. To serve this type of customer, banks can take advantage of self-serving features available in a call center solution for banks. These features can help customers receive the required resolution without waiting in a queue. On the other hand, it reduces the queue size and increases productivity.

4. Use automation

Modern contact center solutions and other unified communication tools for banks are developed with automation features. These features can help banks to maximize resource utilization and increase productivity and efficiency to deliver better service to banking customers. For example, a collection module added to the call center solution with call center collection integration can automate lead filtering, disposition-based calling, etc. All these automation features can help in increasing results and returns.

5. Deliver a unified experience

Many banks use an omnichannel call center solution as their customers are available across different communication channels. Nowadays, customers of banks are using multiple apps and platforms to enjoy remote and flexible banking services. Banking call centers must ensure that across all touch-points, customers receive unified response and experience. A call center for banks can create a set of protocols for all agents to ensure they deliver a unified experience to clients.

These are the top 5 best practices that any call center for banks must follow. Along with these best practices, a banking call center must use the best and industry-specific call center solution for banks.

We offer unified communication tools, specifically designed and developed for banks. A call center solution for banks is one of the tools we offer. To book a demo and to explore more details, please contact us.

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