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Blacklist in Call Centers: Is It Really Helpful?

Smart Solutions March 1, 2021

A call center solution comes with a wide array of features. Some features get used more frequently and some of them are used rarely. In fact, it has some features, which stay untouched, even if they can do magic for the business using it. In this article, I am going to share more details about one of the rarely used features, which is equally important. It is “Blacklisting”.

Each call center solution offers this feature, but many businesses and call centers don’t use it. In this blog, I will share more details about this feature and we will examine whether you should use this feature in your call center or not.

What is blacklisting in a call center solution?

You must know the meaning of blacklisting, but still, let us explain it in a brief. When you add a number to the blacklist of a call center solution, then that number will get blocked from all numbers mapped with the call center solution. It means if your call center solution has 10 extensions and 3 different lines and if you add a number to the blacklist, none of these numbers or extensions will receive phone calls from the blacklisted number.

Is blacklisting useful in a call center?

As you know what is blacklisting, you must want to explore whether it is useful or not for your call center. The important thing to note here is you do not need to use this feature just because we are saying or you have this feature in your call center solution. However, you should use it as it can help you leverage multiple advantages.

Let me share some of the major reasons to use the blacklist feature in your call center:

You receive spam calls

Any call related to cold selling is a spam call in layman’s language. Cold selling means someone starts selling something even if you have never opted for it. For example, if you run a collection agency and you already have a call center collection module integration-based solution and you do not need a CRM solution, but someone calls you to sell a CRM system as you have a collection agency. The system to be sold might be of your interest, but if you have never raised an inquiry and never subscribed to get calls, then that call is a spam call.

Scam calls

A call that is related to a fraud activity or intention is called a scam call. For example, call centers get calls related to license and permit-related scam calls or user privacy violation-related scam calls.

Even if there are rare instances of spam and scam calls, your team wastes time attending this type of call. This directly impacts productivity negatively. Putting these numbers of spammers and scammers into the blacklist means they would never reach your call center to waste agents’ time and reduce productivity.

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