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Call Center CRM Features and Their Benefits

Many call centers using a call center solution often ignore the importance of using a CRM solution along with this software. A CRM system can give a broader view of customers and prospects to the call center agents, so they can manage the calls better. Not only this, an integrated solution made available with the call center CRM integration has many amazing features to offer. Each of these features is capable to provide several advantages to the call centers using this software.

Let’s explore some of the major features made available with call center CRM integration and their major benefits.

CRM popup

The call center CRM integration offers multiple features to the call centers and one of the major ones is CRM popup. As the name suggests, it is a popup, which will have information fetched from the CRM system. This popup will be shown in the call center solution. Its major benefit is that agents will see all the information related to the customer during a live call without switching back to the CRM system. Agents can also update or add records using this popup and these records will be saved in both CRM and call center solutions. It will save time and will help in increasing productivity. On the other hand, it will help agents in delivering personalized responses. Therefore, it will increase customer satisfaction.

Call center dialer widget and click2call

It is another feature made available to the users of call center CRM integration. The agents will be able to see the call center dialer widget with click-to-call functionality within the CRM system. It means if agents want to dial a call, they do not need to go to the call center solution for that. All they need to do is click on the click2call button given for the customer record and the call center dialer widget will initiate and carry out the call. This helps in simplifying calling campaigns in companies that use CRM systems more than a call center solution.

Change logs

The call center CRM integration-based solution also shows change logs. It means if any record is changed in the call center solution using CRM popup, then the system will show change logs and vice versa. These logs will show details about the changes made along with complete information about the change. It will show who made the change and at what time. This feature helps in assuring that the systems have accurate information and inaccuracy can be tracked and resolved easily.

Auto update

It is another amazing feature made available by call center CRM integration. Any changes made in the customer record in any system will reflect in another system. It means both systems will have the same data and records all the time. The major advantage of this feature is streamlined operations. At any time the agents will have the most accurate data, so operations can be streamlined. It will also save time as agents won’t need to make data entry twice and this will increase productivity.

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