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Call Center CRM Integration Benefits for Insurance Agency

Customer Care February 9, 2020

Insurance agencies can use different solutions to grow their business. Call center solution and CRM software are some of the top solutions which are used in leveraging various benefits.

Call center solution is a leading tool that can be used by insurance agencies to call prospects and customers as well as to handle incoming calls of the customer. On the other hand, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution can be used to store information about customers.

The call center CRM integration is a process of integrating a call center solution with the CRM system. This integration provides a combined solution to the insurance company. The CRM call center integration offers many benefits to insurance agencies. We will share the top 3 pros of this system that can be leveraged by any insurance companies:

1. Increase customer satisfaction

Generally, customers call into an insurance company to know about their premium date, the benefits of a policy, etc. The call center CRM integration provides many features and one of them is a CRM popup in the call center solution. Thus, when a customer calls in, the insurance agent will see the complete record of the customer. He can use the data of the customer during a live call to make conversation personalized.

Furthermore, the agent can also give suggestions based on the history of the customer. All these and many other use cases of call center CRM integration features help agents to deliver the best possible experience to the customers and thus it increases customer satisfaction ultimately.

2. Increase sales

Insurance agents can pitch customers to buy different policies and other products based on their history saved in the CRM solution. The agent can start by reviewing the customer data in a CRM solution and then simply click on the lead data which will connect the agent to the customer.

The insurance agent can explain information that might be of interest to the customer. This type of sales call is more personalized and that is why chances of selling more policies and products become easier in an insurance company.

3. Increase ROI

One of the most important areas of focus of any business is increasing ROI. The call center CRM integration can contribute to this. It helps in reducing the telecommunication cost by making all calls to the point and personalized. Thus, the overall time spent on the call is reduced.

Furthermore, other resources spent on the customer are also reduced. This helps in reducing the expenses. Furthermore, this solution helps in boosting performance and sales, which increases revenues. This is how the call center CRM integration helps in increasing returns over investment.

These are the top 3 benefits leveraged by insurance agencies with call center CRM integration.

We offer call center solution, CRM system, as well as call center CRM integration. We can integrate any call center software and CRM solution for insurance companies. To know more about our unified communication channels, contact us.

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