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Call Center CRM Integration: Complete Guide

The call center and BPO industries have been growing for many years. With the revolution in the digitization sphere, the customers have become more informed and competition has been fierce. That’s the reason more and more businesses have started understanding the worth of a customer support and call center department.

The organizations either outsource their projects to renowned call centers or they buy call center software and set up an in-house customer care team. To provide improved and the best customer support, you will also need a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. CRM is a huge system that helps your support and business development teams to manage and automate lead conversion and lead nurturing tasks.

The call center software and CRM solution are two different systems and generally, the agents and staff need to switch back and forth between these two systems to perform lead nurturing and customer support tasks. This results in delayed response, decreased productivity, long call wrap-up time, and some other concerns that negatively affect the revenues and business.

CRM Call Center Integration

This is a service offered by the experts that integrate the CRM solution into call center software and vice versa, based on your requirements. Once these two solutions are successfully integrated, you can use both of these solutions within a single system.

For example, you can get a call widget from call center software within the CRM solution. On the other hand, you can access lead information as well as edit and/or add lead information in the CRM solution from Call center software.

Here is the video that provides a step-wise guide on CRM Call Center Integration:

The experts can integrate your existing solutions with each other so you don’t need to worry about data loss or data migration. You can integrate any custom or open-source solution. Some of the most commonly used call center and CRM solutions are listed below:

Pros of CRM Call Center Software Integration:

There are many benefits of integrating a CRM solution in the call center solution and vice versa. Let’s have a look at the top 15 benefits of the same:

  1. Flexible and Convenient
  2. One time process
  3. No need for data migration
  4. No investment of time or money to learn a new solution
  5. No need to switch windows
  6. Provide personalized response to callers
  7. Update CRM data from call center software
  8. Get click to call and call center call widget within the CRM solution
  9. Save time
  10. Reduce the call wrap-up time
  11. Increase productivity
  12. Increase customer delight
  13. Improve Customer Loyalty
  14. Improve revenues
  15. Increase ROI

These are the 15 major benefits of Call center and CRM Integration. It will combine features of both systems within a single window.

We, Elisiontec, have benefited many clients all across the globe with our best in the industry call center and CRM solution integration service. We would be happy to provide free consultation and a free quote. Contact us to initiate discussion.

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