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Call Center CRM Integration: Empower your Agents to Cater Customers with Personalize Omnichannel Communication

Customer Care July 3, 2018

Each business has a customer care center whether in-house or outsourced to a third party call center. The two major solutions used in the process of effective customer support area

  1. CRM solution to manage customer information and
  2. Contact center solution to make and receive calls to provide real time support service to clients.

Both of these are two huge systems and the agents normally need to switch back and forth between these two solutions. What If these two systems are integrated and your agents can access the major features of both solutions within a single screen.

Moreover, you won’t need to buy or change your existing call center software or CRM solution. You will not lose any of your existing data.

Yes, all of these can be possible with the Call Center CRM Integration.

We, at Elisiontec, have expertise in integrating any open source or custom CRM software and Contact center solution in a way that both systems’ can be accessed within a single window.

The CRM Call Center Integration will help you leverage many benefits. Explore top benefits of VICIDial vTiger Integration which are true for any other call center software and CRM solution. This integration will help you to empower your agents and customer care executives to perform better. They can provide a personalized support to clients confidently.

1. Synchronize

The CRM Call Center Integration will not only let you access the major features of these two powerful systems within a single system, but it will also synchronize these two systems in a way that it works in harmony.

All changes and operations made via one system will be reflected in the other as well. This will make the task of customer data synchronization efficient.

2. Streamline

The information and data synchronized in both systems will not only streamline the customer information, but also streamline many operations. The business development department can also take benefit from this along with the customer care and support division.

3. Simplify

The CRM Call Center Integration will simplify many operations such as,

  • Handling customer calls
  • Providing personalized support
  • Keeping customer data up-to-date
  • Handling contacts in omni-direction without any roadblocks.
  • And more

The agents will have easy access to all information that represents the real time data. The simplified operations and removed complexity will refill your agents with more confidence to provide the best services with a personalized experience to the clients.

4. Track

When we integrate the call center solution and CRM system so it can work seamlessly as a single solution, we also add a module that will let you track complete logs of all changes made to these solutions. You can track who made which change in the CRM system and when. You will also see a complete log report of calls made to the customers.

5. Empower

The CRM Call Center Integration will empower your agents to provide an omnichannel customer support with a personal touch. Your contact center solution and CRM solution will be empowered to work in harmony and your customers will be empowered with quick and accurate services. This way you can create a strengthened business.

There are many interesting and never seen before features that we offer as part of our Call Center CRM Integration services. Let us explain those in context to your business. Contact us.

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