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Call Center CRM Integration Empowers Agent Teams

Agents are the face of any call center. They communicate with real customers and future clients. They contribute to converting more sales and retaining existing clients with exceptional customer care services. Along with using their skills at their best, a call center also needs to buy the best call center solution and other tools to support agents. Some call centers have even started using AI voice analysis for call centers to empower agents with real customer sentiment and experience values to deliver better services.

Call center CRM integration is one of the traditional yet still most effective and affordable tools for call centers to empower agents. The call center software providers will integrate a CRM solution into the call center software. This provides multiple amazing features and benefits to help agents work more efficiently and productively.

Let’s explore how it happens.

1. It provides more details about the client

Each call center solution, whether on-premise or cloud based contact center software, will have some details about the client, including their profile and disposition message. But, it would not store more details about clients, such as preferred items, buyer’s journey, number of contacts to call center, etc. All this information will be available in the CRM system.

Call center CRM integration will fetch all important information about the client on a live call from the CRM system within call center software and show it as a CRM popup. This will save the time of agents from toggling back and forth between a CRM and call center solution. This will provide context to the agents to have context driven conversations with clients.

2. It provides additional features

The call center CRM integration is not only about showing some information from CRM into the contact center solution, but it is much more than that. It has some amazing features to empower agents with automation and work efficiency. From a cloud based contact center solution that is using call center CRM integration, agents can use CRM features as well. For example, if there is a new client connected to the contact center and there are no details about that client in the CRM software, an agent can create a new customer record within the call center solution and it will also be created in the CRM system. The CRM system will also have added features like click2call to let agents make a call without leaving a CRM system. It will also show the call center dialer widget in the CRM software to provide dialer features in the software.

3. It saves time of agents to increase other KPIs

Agents don’t need to make double entries in both CRM and call center solutions. They will also not need to make edits in both systems. The call center CRM integration will automate this operation. This will save a lot of time of agents, which agents can invest in attending more calls and increasing major KPIs.

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