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Call Center CRM Integration Enhances Performance

Solutions July 8, 2019

Call center software is an amazing tool for customer relationship management and lead conversion, both. The call centers, BPOs and KPOs run their businesses on the call center solution only. The businesses, on the other hand, use the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to manage the records of the customers and use traditional telephony devices to make a call to convince the prospects and take care of customer queries.

The call center software is excellent for effective calling, but it is not that enough for managing customer-related records. On the other hand, the CRM system is excellent for customer record management and takes related actions, but it doesn’t have any mean for effective calling. Do you know what the best solution is? The best solution is the Call Center CRM Integration.

It integrates the call center solution and CRM system. The call center CRM integration provides a facility of using features of the call center solution and CRM system within a single sign-on. This integrated solution can be used by any company and it provides a lot of benefits. One of the benefits of call center CRM integration is an increase in performance.

The executives of the company can take benefit of the call center software within the CRM system. The call center CRM integration provides click to call facility within the CRM solution. This means the executives just need to click on the contact number and the call center solution will generate a call within the window of the CRM system.

The executive will have all the information and details of the customer in front of him along with the dialer of the call center software. This way the executive can provide a better experience to the customer or lead. He doesn’t need to dial a number manually. He also doesn’t need to switch among multiple systems and files. Everything is in front of him. This is how the call center CRM integration enhances the performance of the executives in the company.

If we talk about the call center, the call center CRM integration integrated the call center software and CRM solutions. Thus, more details about the lead can be saved within the system. When the agent calls the customer, he can provide a more personalized pitch to the lead.

This increases the chances of lead conversion. On the other hand, the features like the sticky agent and skill-based routing with the customer information popup from the CRM system helps in increasing customer satisfaction. This way the call centers can gain benefits of increased productivity and results.

In a nutshell, the call center CRM integration integrates two powerful systems into the one. This way, it creates uniform data management and calling operation management. This collectively increases the performance of the individual employee as well as the whole organization.

We offer call center CRM integration services. We integrate any open source or third-party call center software with the CRM system. For more details, contact us.

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