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Call Center CRM Integration for Better Customer Service during Lockdown

Customer Care April 23, 2020

Call center CRM integration is a collective solution that gives single sign on facility to the users. This single sign on offers accesses to the major features of the call center solution as well as CRM software within a single window. There are many businesses that use any of the systems or both of them. The call center CRM integration helps them leverage multiple benefits.

Right now, the situation is quite challenging due to COVID 19 pandemic. In countries like India, there are long lockdowns announced. This has enforced call centers in India and other similar countries with long lockdowns to shift their business operations remotely.

With the help of companies like us, there are many call center solutions India and other countries have achieved BCP (Business Continuity Process). We have helped our call center customers to shift their on-premises call center solution to the cloud call center solution so they can take advantage of cloud telephony.

In addition to shifting to the cloud call center dialer, the companies and call centers also need further advancements to handle customer calls more professionally and efficiently. This is the time when call centers have to give more focus on the First Call Resolution (FCR) in the minimum time possible. This also increases customer satisfaction.

The call center CRM integration helps businesses to achieve these key performance indicators (KPIs). We can quickly provide the integration of both of these systems so the call centers can take advantage of enhanced customer services.

The call center CRM integration gives a CRM pop-up when the call is connected to the customer. This popup fetches the customer information from the CRM system and shows it in the call center solution. The agent who is handling the call of the customer can see all information about the customer as well as his preferences and history.

This helps the agent to give more precise, personalized, and quick responses to the customer. This not only impresses the customer, but it also helps in benefiting the agent to perform better to achieve the first call resolution.

The agents can achieve boosted KPIs and it further boosts their morale so they can perform better the call center CRM integration also helps agents to keep data management with ease. It means all the changes made in any one system will be reflected in another system automatically.

Thus, when a call center software connects a call and CRM popup is shown to the agent, the agent will always have the most recent information of the customer. This will help businesses to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

In some call centers, call volume has increased because of lockdown, and in such cases, it is necessary to keep the call queues shorter without investing in hiring more agents. The call center CRM integration can be really helpful in this type of situation.

We offer call center CRM integration for all types of call center solutions and CRM software. For more details, contact us.

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