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Call Center CRM Integration vs. Call Center Integrated CRM Solution

CRM Solution July 4, 2019

Whether you are a startup who will use a CRM solution and contact center software or you are an established BPO that uses the call center and CRM system, the Call Center CRM Integration is better than getting a CRM integrated call center solution. Read on to know why.

CRM system and contact center solution are commonly used tools in BPOs, KPOs, and enterprises to perform lead generation and customer care activities. Earlier, the companies used to use these two different systems separately and the agents and executives used to switch back and forth.

However, the technology invention and innovative tech companies have launched the Call Center CRM Integration which not only benefited the agents/executives but also companies in many ways. It removes the need for switching back and forth between these two systems. Also, it removed the need for making the same entry twice in two different systems. This increases productivity as well as work efficiency remarkably.

An alternative to Call Center CRM Integration is the CRM integrated call center solution. In this option, you don’t need two different solutions. Your call center software will have an integrated CRM solution. Still, the Call Center CRM Integration is way better than getting a CRM integrated call center solution. Wondering, why? Let’s explore the use cases and benefits of one over another.

Already established BPO / KPO / Enterprise

If you are an already established / operational call center, BPO, KPO or any other type of enterprise, you might be using the call center solution and a CRM system. Thus, you must have a system in place and valuable data in these two systems.

When you get the call center CRM integration, you will not need to switch to a new solution from the current one. All your data will be preserved. You will not need to make any additional work to transfer data from one system to another.

The integration will just assure you that you can use both of these solutions within a single window with a single sign-on. On the other hand, if you will be a call center solution with an integrated CRM system, then you will need to transfer data stored in the existing systems into the new solution.

Also, you will need to educate your staff to use the new system and the time to adopt the new system depends on the agents/executives and their adaptive skills.

Starting a new setup

In this case, you may get tempted to get a single solution, a call center with an integrated CRM. However, the fact is this type of call center software has a CRM with very basic features.

You will not get all the features a full-fledged CRM as the vTiger solution has. You will miss many important features. Thus, getting a call center solution and CRM system of your choice and integrating them would be a better solution.


The call center and CRM systems often get a used hand in hand and integrating both of these in a way that it can be used as a single system will bestow many benefits. Thus, you must get the Call Center CRM Integration from an expert.

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