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Call Center Metrics to Measure Agent Productivity

Call center metrics, which are more popularly known as call center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), are necessary to monitor. Not just monitor, but you should also work on improving them. Usually, a majority of call centers keep all their focus on monitoring KPIs related to customer experience and satisfaction. It is good to monitor KPIs related to customer satisfaction as higher customer satisfaction also means higher revenues.

However, ignoring agent productivity and related KPIs can be one of the biggest mistakes your call center must be making. Measuring agent productivity-related KPIs can help you reduce expenses and improving customer satisfaction even further. This will help you improve ROI (Returns over Investment).

To monitor agent productivity, there are some KPIs, which can give a clear picture of agent productivity. Here are the top 4 KPIs that you must monitor to review agent productivity:

1. Average call handling time

It gives the average time agents take to handle a single call. There is no ideal value of it as different call centers may have different natured campaigns and each may have a different average call handling time. According to the best call center solution provider, the average call handling time needs to be minimized to a possible extent. One needs to measure AHT (Average Handling Time) and take the required actions to reduce it. For example, if you are not using call center CRM integration and your AHT is very high, then you must integrate the CRM into the call center solution. This will give upfront information to agents about the customer and help them reduce the average AHT.

2. Average call wrap-up time

After completing an ongoing call, agents need to fill in some information such as disposition, the changed status of the lead, etc. This activity is called call wrap-up time. For obvious reasons, it has to be minimum possible to make sure agents spend more time talking with customers. To reduce average call wrap-up time, you can add the Disposition Bucket module to your call center solution. It is also available for VICIDial by VICIDial customization companies like ours. It will have predefined disposition messages for common dispositions. This will help to save the time of agents otherwise spent in call wrap-up.

3. SLA (Service Level Agreement)

It is measured by calculating the percentage of calls attended within a specific time period. Here, the time will be in seconds. This KPI helps in measuring if your agents are quicker in taking calls or not.

4. Average call answering time

This KPI indicates how long agents take to answer the call once it gets routed to them. If the agent is not quick enough to answer the call, it may cause awkward silence or an abrupt ring, which may cause disinterest or irritation in the customers.

These are the top 4 metrics that you must monitor to measure agent productivity. Your call center solution reports section will provide all the details required to measure these KPIs.

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