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Call Center Salesforce Integration and Its Benefits

Customer Care February 24, 2020

Call center solution is now a household solution. Almost all companies use this tool in their business. Whether to run customer care operations or to run lead generation operations, small to medium scaled businesses use call center solution these days.

Salesforce is a leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. It not only provides full fledged CRM software, but it also offers a complete enterprise solution to take care of customer relationship related operations.

What is call center Salesforce integration?

Call center Salesforce integration is one type of call center CRM integration. The experts of call center CRM integration such as Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd integrate call center solution with Salesforce CRM integration. Here, the call center solution can be any open source or proprietary call center software such as VICIDial, and DialShree.

Top 3 benefits of call center Salesforce CRM integration:

1. Saved time

The call center CRM integration of any call center software with CRM solution offers amazing features which offer multiple benefits. This is true with Salesforce call center integration as well. One of the benefits is saving the time of employees. For example, this integration adds click to call feature in Salesforce. It helps executives to call a customer without dialing number. For example, if an executive needs to call a customer, all he needs to do is just click on the number or a specified area. As soon as an executive clicks, the call will be connected via call center solution working in the background. There are many as such features that can help in saving time so that they can be used more productively.

2. Better customer care

Similar to all call center CRM integration, this solution helps in multiple ways to deliver better customer care service. The call center Salesforce integration provides similar features to provide an experience to customers. For example, during a live call, an executive can see all information related to the customer. This helps the executive to provide personalized greeting and answers to the customer. There are many as such features that help in delivering better customer care.

3. Increased ROI

The call center Salesforce integration combines the power of Salesforce: CRM solution and call center software. It will save time, increase productivity and increase performance. Furthermore, this integrated solution helps in increasing work. On the other hand, it helps in delivering good customer services so repeat and reference business can be increased. This is how saved time, and money and increased revenues and business ultimately help in increasing returns over investment (ROI).

In a nutshell, the call center Salesforce integration helps in multiple ways to a company to leverage abundant benefits.

We, Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, offer call center CRM integration for different call center solutions and CRM software. Call center Salesforce integration is one of the services offered by us. We can integrate the Salesforce CRM system with any call center software. For more details, contact us.

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