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Call Center Solution Empowers Sales

Call center solution has many features which can be used to run many different types of campaigns. Generally, the call center solution is used to take care of customers and prospects. However, it can also be used to generate new leads and increase sales, which many people don’t know. In this article, you will learn how one can use the call center software to increase sales of the company.

The call center solution can allow automated outbound calling to the prospective lead numbers. The executives can take benefit of predictive or auto dialer to call multiple numbers automatically. Once the call is connected, it will be assigned to the most skilled agent.

This way a lot of time otherwise wasted on manually dialing a number and connecting a call can be saved. During the live call if the prospect provides another lead number as a reference, the executive can dial that number manually, so he can reach the new lead which is not stored in the database.

Sometimes it happens that the prospect is busy and asks to callback later. In that case, the executive can set the callback date and time and the call center software will automatically callback on that number on the predefined date and time. Some prospects are very sure that they don’t need your service.

In that case, it is better not to waste time on that kind of leads and put them in the blacklist. Once the contact is added to the blacklist, the call center solution will not call that number again and save time otherwise wasted on useless calling.

The call center software also offers a feature called ‘Sticky Agent”. This feature makes sure that the lead aka prospect talks with the same executive each time. This helps in making sure the prospect talks with the same executive who knows the case and the stage of the ongoing discussion.

The call center solution also has remote agent and call forwarding feature so even if the executive is on leave, the call center software makes sure the call is attended by the same executive to build trust with the prospect which can result in the sales.

After each call, the agents can add the disposition which is a call wrap up. After the call, one can see the conclusion of the call so if in case any other agent needs to pick up the call, he can review the case and make sure he handles the call effectively.

The call center solution also offers a wide array of reports which can be used to see which campaigns are working well and which services or products are popular. This helps in focusing more on the products / services which are in demand to increase sales and revenues.

The call center software also provides barge-in, whisper, conference call, call recording and playback features to make sure the executives are dealing in the correct way to increase sales.

We have the call center solution with all features mentioned in this article and more. To know more about this call center software, contact us.

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