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Call Center Solution: Futuristic Features

Call center software is a major contributor to the success of a call center. It helps in increasing productivity of agents in the call center, which increase the customer satisfaction. In summation, it increases the revenues and ROI of the call center. This is the reason it is worth investing in the best call center solution.

There are many call center solutions in the market which claim to be one of the best call center software. However, often many of these call center solutions miss the most important features which are needed to bypass the competition and gain other benefits one would expect from the call center solution.

Of course, the call center solutions usually have the basic features, but what’s more important is to have is the futuristic features which give the business of call center a competitive edge.

In this article, I will share the top 5 futuristic features, which your ideal call center solution must have:

Advanced Call Routing Rules

Almost each call center software claims to have the most advanced call routing rules, but the fact is many of those miss to have the modern call routing rules. Remember, Advanced Call Distribution (ACD) and Automated Call Distribution are not enough these days. You need more to keep the call wrap up time less. Two must have call routing rules are briefed below:

Skill based call routing

The call gets routed to the agent who seems to be the perfect fit to handle the customer / prospect call.

Sticky agent

This call routing rule routes the call of the call center to the agent who talked with the customer last time. It means the same agent handles the same customer.

Both of these call routing rules have proven to be really effective in the process of increasing customer satisfaction and agent performance.

Advanced dialers

Auto dialer and manual dialer are the basic dialers and almost all call center solutions have these two types of dialers. However, they must have dialer to utilize the maximum potential of your agents is the predictive dialer.

The predictive dialer predicts well in advance about when an agent will get available to attend the next call and if X number of calls are dialed, how many will actually get answered. This smart call center solution algorithm makes sure the enough calls are dialed and assigned to the agents so all agents stay occupied and productive.

Support for on-premises and cloud hosting

The world is moving to cloud now. However, the model of call center software hosting depends very much on the business model and other related factors. Also, the business aspects change too often. Thus, you must get the call center solution which can be hosted on the cloud infrastructure as well as on the server in your business premises.

These are the top 5 traits of features an ideal call center software must have to match pace with the changing trends.

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