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Call Center Solution Helps Small Business to Appear Big

No matter how great business plan you have on the table or how great team you have, the bigger projects go to the big companies. Why? Well, the simple reason is the lack of trust in smaller companies by the big clients.

It is very obvious and genuine reason that the customers think twice before handing over a project because they are putting their time and money at stake.

For small business the best move here is to show the professionalism and approach of the big companies to increase the chances of getting big projects. One of the tools small businesses can use for this purpose is the call center software.

The call center solution is available with limited seats, i.e., 10 agents. It means 10 people can utilize the solution in parallel. This also doesn't cost much in the pocket of the management. Hence, it gives great returns over investment by creating an impression of a bigger organization for your company. How? Let's check quickly.

The call center solution comes with the features which makes it a perfect solution to handle the incoming calls. Some of them are briefed below:

  • Call routing, which will ensure to route the call to the right executives so the customers and prospects can quickly get the answer of their issue.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System, which will allow your callers to take a few actions on their own. This will save time of your staff and the callers as well.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool Integration, which will provide the details of the caller every time they call in. This will empower your staff to provide personalized experience to the callers.
  • Time based call forwarding, which will forward the calls based on the specific time interval. For example, the call after office hours will be forwarded to the director's number. This will ensure that each call is getting attended.
  • Voicemail integration, which allows you to get an important message in your call center system in case you wasn't able to receive the call. This ensures to receive each important message.

The call center solution also comes with the advanced features for your lead generation team. For example, predictive dialer, to make calls to leads automatically and algorithmically, which will utilize your resources at their best. Disposition, which will allow your sales reps to add the status of the last call so for next call they may resume from where they had started!

Elision offers complete call center solution available at cost effective rates. To know more about it and to get a free demo, please contact us.

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