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Call Center Solution vs. Contact Center Solution: Everything You Need to Know

Usually, call center solution and contact center solution terms are used as synonyms. Still, technically, there is a difference between both of these solutions. The small difference between multiple other similarities makes both of these systems part apart from each other and we are going to discuss these differences in this blog post.

Call center solution vs. contact center solution

Both of these solutions are used to handle inbound, outbound, and blended calling campaigns. The major difference between both of these solutions is, a call center solution supports only one mode of communication, called, voice call.

On the other hand, a contact center solution supports unified communication channels, which includes voice calls, video chat, screen share, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

A call center solution is one of the best tools to handle incoming calls more efficiently. It can professionally handle client calls, which helps in enhancing the customer experience. It also provides self-serving features to reduce call queues and waiting time. It offers advanced call center dialers, advanced call distribution, and multiple other automated features. All these features help in boosting the productivity of the team and the performance of call centers or businesses using this platform.

A contact center solution possesses all features a call center solution has to offer. Along with that, it also supports multiple communication channels. Thus, it is also referred to as an omnichannel call center solution or an omnichannel contact center software solution.

What difference do call center software and contact center solution make for a business?

A contact center solution is used to deliver a universal customer experience across all communication channels. With increasing digitization and customer expectations, consumers have started using multiple communication channels. Even if a call center doesn’t use a cloud contact center software solution with omnichannel communication support, customers are likely to attempt connecting via their preferred communication channels. Using a contact center solution makes a huge difference here. It lets its users serve its customers via their favorite communication channels.

The contact center solution also shows a complete view of customer interactions via different communication channels. The best contact center solutions like DialShree use a feature like “Customer Profiling”, to show a 360-degree view of customer interactions. Also, using a single platform, all communication channels can be managed and personalized responses can be delivered.

On the other hand, call center solutions don’t offer the advantage of delivering a unified customer experience via multiple communication channels. However, it is less expensive than contact center software. In some industries, more than 60-70% of people use voice calling. Here, the call center software is sufficient to run campaigns efficiently.


Call center solutions and contact center solutions can have the same features. The major difference is the number of communication channels supported by this software. Moreover, this platform is used in enhancing the way customer communication and sales calls are handled. The contact center software can help in enhancing client satisfaction.

We offer a call center solution along with the integration of unified communication channels. We also offer a contact center solution. Contact us for more details about our offered solution and to learn the difference between both of these solutions in detail.

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