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Call Center Solution vs. Contact Center Solution

Call center solution and contact center solutions, these two terms get used interchangeably. However, both of these terms refer to different types of software. It is necessary to understand the difference, so you can identify, which kind of solution is best for your business. In this blog, we will share the difference between both of these solutions to give you complete clarity.

Traditional vs. digital customer service

A call center solution uses a traditional approach to handle customer care and sales campaigns. Voice calling, IVR, and similar features are highly used by companies or call centers that rely on a call center solution.

A contact center solution is more inclined towards digitization. It uses digital technology and tools to cater to customer requests and sales queries. It emphasizes a client-centric approach by taking advantage of digitization using multiple communication channels.

Communication channel

The major difference between both of these solutions is the communication channels available in both of them. By default, both solutions have common call center dialer features. The primary thing which makes both of these solutions different is the number of communication channels supported by both of these solutions.

A call center solution only supports one communication channel, which is voice calls.

A contact center solution supports all available communication channels. Businesses can use as many communication channels as they want or they can add all communication channels in this call center software. If it has all communication channels to offer, then it is also referred as an omnichannel call center solution.

Omnichannel management of the queue

A business using call or contact center software can handle multiple calls or conversations in parallel. However, when there are more call or contact requests than a number of agents, then those calls and contact requests will be added to the queue. The queue is where customers wait for their turn to talk to the customer care representative.

In a call center solution, there will be a single type of queue as there is only a single mode of communication

In a contact center solution, there will be omnichannel queues. For each mode of communication, there will be a queue.

Wrapping up

A call center solution and a contact center solution are commonly used to handle customer concerns and lead generation campaigns more strategically and professionally. Both of these solutions have multiple and almost all features in common. What makes them different is the mode of communication used in these solutions.

It might sound like a small difference, but it changes the whole way of handling customers and prospects. There are many advantages of using modern modes of communication and that is why contact center solutions are gaining a lot more popularity than a call center solution.

Which is better for your business?

A contact center solution is good for all businesses, but in some cases, a call center solution can do the job. We can help you in the selection process and also provide you the software of your need. Contact us for more details.

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