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Call Center Solution with Unified Communication and Its Impact on Customer Experience

The call center solution has been one of the leading tools that empower industries to deliver excellent customer experience. With the advancements in this solution, the businesses using this software can lift up customer satisfaction and experience even more.

One of the advancements that happened in the call center software industry is the integration of unified communication channels into the call center software. This type of call center solution is also known as an omnichannel call center solution and a contact center solution.

The call center solution with unified communication has benefited businesses in augmenting customer experience in multiple ways. Let us share how it happens.

1. Reduced requirement of calling at the support center

Nobody likes to call at the support centers and staying in the call queue waiting for their turn to get connected with the customer support agent. This is a frustrating experience for many. The UC (Unified Communication) lets customers reach the support centers via other modes of communication. They do not need to wait in the call queue for their turn. In fact, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and similar communication channels let customers have an on-the-go chat with the support team. This helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Connect with the expert

The contact center solution often offers features to connect customers to the right agent such as skill-based call routing. However, in some cases, the customers get connected to the agents who do not have the required knowledge or skills to resolve the issues faced by the customers. In this case, either customer call hold time gets longer than it should be or the call of a customer gets transferred to another agent or supervisor. This increases average call duration, average call hold time, and ultimately frustration of the customer.

The contact center solution supports different communication channels and the most advanced features, so customers do not need to wait for long to connect with an expert. Even if the chat or message is transferred to any other agent, the customer doesn’t need to reiterate the same issue.

3. Get first call resolution

The omnichannel call center solution offering unified communication to customers often succeeds in achieving higher first call resolution (FCR). Rich communication features, reduced hassle, and better communication help businesses to resolve customer issues in the first attempt. This also improves customer satisfaction.

4. Collaborative work environment

The unified communication channels in a call center solution work as a single platform. This improves the collaboration among different channels and agent teams. If a customer’s chat or call gets transferred to another agent, the agent will have all the information or chat history. Therefore, the client will not need to reiterate the same issue. This will not only improve productivity, but also customer experience.


A call center solution with unified communication channels can improve customer experience, plus, bestow many other advantages. We offer a call center solution as well as we offer integration of one or more communication channels as per your requirements. Contact us to know more about the omnichannel call center solution and unified communication channel integration into the call center software.

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