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Call Center Solution with Web Form Integration to Speed Up Lead Conversion

Once upon a time, the call center solution was used by the big call centers, KPOs and BPOs only. However, the time and the utilities of the call center solutions have changed a lot.

The advancements in the call center software industry and increasing need of the best customer experience has enforced standard businesses to buy the call center software to setup an in-house call center or customer care center.

Today, we are going to talk about one of as such innovative invention in the call center industry: Web form integration in Call Center Software.

What is Web form integration in the Call Center Solution?

The VoIP companies and call center software provider offer a wide range of customization services to fit in the business needs of the companies. One of as such range of services is the integrations in the call center software. The companies integrate various solutions in the call center software to add additional functionalities in it. The Web form integration is one of the most popular types of integrations in the call center solution.

The web form call center integration is the process in which any website form gets integrated in the call center software. Here, the web form can be any form such as,

  • Contact us form
  • Inquiry form
  • Email subscription form
  • Blog subscription form
  • And more

The call center software development experts integrate one or more web form in the call center solution. Once the web form gets integrated in the call center software, it can automate many actions and operations.

Once the web form gets integrated in the call center software every time someone fills in this form that lead gets added in the call center software; this lead can also be added in the specific campaign with some additional configurations at the time of the integration.

There can be some more configurations such as, the priority can be set to the lead records and based on that the campaigns can be carried out. Moreover, if there is a multilevel form and people leave the form incomplete after certain steps, in that case, the call center still fetches the filled information and the campaign to know the reason for abandoning the form can be carried out.

All these configurations helps in fetching the information filled in the online website form within the call center solution automatically. Thus, the agents or executives can call these prospects within minimum possible time and speed up the lead conversion process.

This is an advanced integration and only some expert companies offer the same. Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd is one of those few expert companies which offer this call center web form integration service with many other types of integrations. To know more about this integration and offering of the Elision Technologies Pvt. Ltd, please contact us.

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