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Call Centre Shrinkage Can Shrink Your ROI

Call shrinkage is one of the most important KPIs, which needs to be monitored. However, often call centers ignore or unknowingly avoid keeping eyes on this KPI. This performance indicator is more crucial because it directly affects your Returns over Investment (ROI). In this blog post, you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is call shrinkage?
  • How call shrinkage hampers ROI?
  • How to control call shrinkage?

Please note, to measure, compare, and improve this KPI, you need to have the value in percentage, means ratio.

What is call shrinkage?

It indicates how many agents out of the total agents are actively attending calls through call center solutions. Here is how you can measure this:

Shrinkage in percentage = (Total agents * Agents taking calls) / 100


Out of 100 hired agents, only 80 agents are taking calls, it means 20 agents are not available. This is your shrinkage ratio. Here unavailable agents could be unavailable due to any of the following reasons:

  • Agents are on break
  • Agents are in meeting, training, or conference
  • Agents are on leave
  • Agents are idle for any other reason
  • And more

How call shrinkage hampers ROI?

In multiple ways, it hampers ROI. Some of them are listed below:

  • It delivers reduced productivity compared to what is expected
  • It increases the waiting time in the call queue
  • It can result in a shortage of skilled customers
  • It increases the burden and cost of workforce management
  • It increases expenses

How to control call shrinkage?

As you understand that call shrinkage directly reduces ROI, you definitely want to increase the value to improve ROI. Here are some tips to follow based on some of the major reasons behind call shrinkage.

1. Not having awareness of call shrinkage importance

Many call centers do not consider this important KPI, which can be monitored manually or using a call center solution. Therefore, the first thing is to understand that this is an important KPI. All supervisors also need to know they have to work to improve this KPI.

2. Training, breaks, and conferences

One more common reason behind call shrinkage is time spent on training, breaks, conferences, etc. To improve the call shrinkage ratio, you can apply these tips:

  • Define break times and break limits for each team and agent. So multiple agents do not go for a break at the same time, which can drastically hamper call shrinkage and performance.
  • Arrange short training and conferences. If possible train in real-time. Managers can use call center software features to train agents in real-time.

3. Unplanned leaves

Unplanned leaves can also cause major challenges related to workforce management and major call shrinkage. Therefore, keeping freelancers or available on-call agents available is necessary. Moreover, imposing a strict leave policy to ensure nobody takes unplanned leave until and unless it is unavoidable.

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