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Call Queuing: Everything You Need to Know

If you are using any of the unified communication solutions like a call center solution, you already know what a call queue is. However, if you are still not using any technology-driven communication solution and still exploring the technology solutions and their potential for business communication, you may not know what is the call queuing.

We will make it easier to understand what the call queuing is. We will also share other important facts related to it to call center solution users and other business professionals to make better use of call queuing in this article.

What is a call queue?

When a customer calls your business and all your support or customer care agents are busy, then these calls will be added into a line, known as a queue. It is a special feature available in unified communication solutions like a call center solution, IP PBX software, an IVR system, etc.

In the traditional telephony system, the caller will hear a busy tone, which is quite irritating to listen to. On the other hand, when you use a unified communication solution such as a call center solution, the callers will be added to a call queue. This queue will play engaging music on hold to keep customers stay on the line until an agent is available to attend his/her call.

Call queue options

The unified communication solutions offer multiple features in the call queue, which are as below:

  • Advanced call routing:

    It is usually available in the best call center solutions like DialShree. Multiple advanced and automated call routing rules are available to route a customer call to the call queue, which can connect customers to the most skilled or right agents.

  • Callback option:

    If a call queue is long, the system can offer a callback option to the customers. The customers can choose a callback option, so a customer gets connected once an agent is available. The advanced call center solution automates the job of callback to save the time of agents.

  • Self-serving options:

    Some systems such as IVR are used to provide self-serving options to agents. The customers don’t need to wait for agents to be available or request a callback to have a call once an agent is available. Using interactive voice prompts, the customers can take certain actions that can let customers resolve their concerns and receive the required resolution.

Call queuing benefits

Whether you use an IVR solution or a call center solution with advanced call distribution features, using call queuing can be beneficial for your business.

Key benefits of using call queuing are listed below:

  • Engage customers when phone lines are busy
  • Let customers take autonomous actions to save their time and reduce call volume
  • Let customers be aware that the company is taking note of their call and agents will connect with them shortly
  • Let clients enjoy the callback option to receive a callback instead of holing on a line
  • Capture phone numbers in the system, so customers can be re-contacted and no leads are missed.

Call queuing is an important feature available in unified communication solutions. These solutions offer multiple other features to benefit businesses that use unified communication solutions. Contact us to book a demo of this business communication tool to know how it can benefit your business.

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