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Call Wrap up Time and Tips to Improve This KPI

In a call center, there are many KPIs to measure. Depending on the type of call center, the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) get measured. Agent productivity is necessary to measure and improve in all call centers. One of the important KPIs related to agent productivity is call wrap-up time.

In this blog, we are sharing what is call wrap-up time and we will also share the top tips to improve this KPI by reducing overall call wrap-up time.

What is a call wrap-up time?

Once the agent completes the call with the customer or prospective customer, the agent needs to do some post-call work after hanging up the call. The post-call, also known as a call wrap-up, work can be anything like adding disposition of the call, making changes in the CRM entry, discussing the issue with the supervisor, etc.

In simple words, the time agents take after hanging up the call before showing their readiness to take another call to perform the call wrap-up task is called call wrap-up time.

How to reduce call wrap-up time?

Higher call wrap time, reduce the overall talk time of agents and definitely increase roadblocks in taking more calls and work productively. Therefore, it is necessary to track and reduce overall call wrap-up time to the possible extent. Your call center solution will show this KPI in the reports section.

Let’s explore the top 3 tips to reduce overall call wrap-up time.

1. Add disposition bucket

It is an advanced feature available to advanced call center solution users like DialShree: call center solution. It is available as an add-on. This add-on shows different disposition messages, which are used more frequently in the call centers. This saves a lot of time of agents otherwise spent in writing the disposition messages. This will help in reducing significant call wrap-up time. We have also developed a disposition bucket add-on for VICIDial open source call center solution. We offer VICIDial customization and a wide array of add-ons to help VICIDial users improve their KPIs, including, the disposition bucket.

2. Take advantage of integration

One of the tasks agents perform as part of post-call work is making entries or changes in the CRM records. In a majority of call centers, this is the norm. This requires switching from the call center solution to the CRM system to make the required changes and switching back from the CRM system to the call center solution. This will waste the time of agents and collectively, it is a lot of time. The call center CRM integration can be a great solution here. This integration will make the CRM system available within the call center solution, so agents will not need to switch back and forth. This will also reduce call wrap-up time.

3. Easy to use solutions

If your systems are complex, then it is obvious that agents may take longer in using them. Thus, adopt an easy-to-use call center solution, CRM software, etc. This will further help in reducing call wrap-up time.

We offer a call center solution, call center CRM integration, VICIDial customization, and other services and solutions to help you improve KPIs. Contact us for more details.

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