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Core Features You Must Look for in an Omnichannel Call Center Solution

As there are multiple call center solutions available in the market, there are different features available in each of these software. All of these solutions look somewhat similar so, it is possible that you may buy a contact center solution with some missing features. Therefore, to help you make the right choice, we have come up with a list of core features that you must have in your contact center software, whether it is a cloud call center solution or an on-premises contact center solution.

As the omnichannel contact center solutions are gaining a lot of popularity, we will share the features you must have in your omnichannel software.

Core features to look for in an omnichannel contact center solution:

1. Omnichannel communication support

The obvious fact is, it is an omnichannel call center solution so it must support omnichannel communication. It means your software should support all of the below-mentioned communication channels in it:

2. Live statistics

The call center solutions must have live statistics to show you real-time data. It will not only assure that your software and hardware performance is as per the expectation, but it will also show how your agents are working. Live dashboards or statistics are necessary to keep track of overall performance and productivity.

3. Call controls

In any call center software, call controls are necessary for sure. Usually, these are the standard features and you will get them in all call center solutions. Still, to make sure you don’t miss out on any core feature, below is the list of must-have call controls:

  • Call mute and un-mute
  • Call transfer
  • Call forwarding
  • Call park and pickup
  • Call recording
  • Music on Hold

4. Call routing rules and call center dialers

Usually, the omnichannel contact center solution is used to run inbound, outbound, and blended campaigns. To support these campaigns, it is necessary to have call routing rules and call center dialers. Below is the list of core call routing rules and call center dialers:

Call routing rules

  • Advanced call distribution
  • Sticky agent
  • Skill-based call routing
  • Most idle agent call routing
  • Least talk time-based call routing
  • Round robin

Call center dialers

  • Auto dialer
  • Manual dialer
  • Predictive dialer
  • Power dialer
  • Progressive dialer
  • Preview dialer

5. Reports

All contact center solutions offer a wide range of reports, but what you need to do is get the major reports. These reports should show your key performance indicators. Some of the must-have reports in your software are listed below:

  • Agent performance reports
  • Customer satisfaction reports
  • Communication channel-wise reports

6. Supervision features

Your call center software must have some core supervision features to let your supervisors keep an eye on your agents. Below is the list of supervision features:

  • Whisper
  • Barge-in
Wrap up

For different businesses, major features needed in an omnichannel contact center solution may vary. However, the core features required by any business are often the same. To help you look for the right feature in your omnichannel call center solution, we have already shared the list of features.

We have an omnichannel call center solution with all core features, plus, some advanced features that can help you leverage multiple advantages from your software. Let us explain more in a call. Contact us to book a call or a demo.

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