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CRM System and Call Center Solution Integration: Top 5 Benefits

VoIP solutions May 20, 2017

The customer is now in the focal point of any business, no matter what industry it is. This has increased the demand of customer care and customer support centers.

There are many call centers, customer support centers and customer care centers who work 365 X 24 X 7 to ensure the best user experience. Any of the earlier mentioned customer care center will require 2 main solutions to give the best possible user experience:

  1. Call Center Solution
  2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system

The major problem here is, these 2 are completely different systems in itself. Of course, there are a few CRM integrated call center software available in the market, but those solutions have a very basic CRM system. As a solution, one may use separate full fledged CRM systems with Call Center CRM Integration.

This integration can be done with any type and size of call center software and CRM system, including, open source and 3rd party. To name a few, you can perform integration of any of the mentioned CRM solution (A) with any of mentioned call center software (B).

A. CRM Solution

i) vTiger
ii) SugarCRM
iii) Zoho
iv) Custom or 3rd party CRM solution

B. Call Center Software

i) VICIDial
ii) Custom or 3rd Party call/contact center software

The CRM and Call center solution integration solution furnishes an organization with many benefits.

Top 5 benefits of integration of call center and CRM solution are briefed below.

1. Single Sign On aka Window to manage both, CRM and Call Center Solution

The major benefit of this solution is that you will be able to manage, operate and use, both, CRM solution and call center software from a single screen. In a clearer language, you will be able to use all major and most vital features of call center solution from CRM system and vice verse.

This means the agents will not need to switch among these 2 systems to use those. They can easily fetch and update the CRM record from the call center solution itself. At the same time, it can be provisioned that the call center dialer gets available within the CRM solution.

2. Ease of Use

As mentioned in the former point, once you integrate call center solution and CM system, you will be able to use both of them from a single screen. This makes it easy to use for agents and even supervisors. Now, they don’t need to juggle between 2 different screens. Everything is available within a single screen. This makes usage of call center software and CRM system very easy.

3. Fewer Errors

As mentioned with CRM call center integration, both systems can be managed from a single screen. Thus, it reduces the human error ratio, which can be high when they need to handle a call from the window of call center software and switch back to the CRM system window to fetch data related to the lead or update the record during or after a call. This problem is completely resolved with this solution.

4. Increased Productivity of Agents

Even if it is a matter of a few seconds to switch back and forth between 2 different screens, and even if it takes only a few minutes to locate the correct records and make changes during the call which is managed by the call center solution, it would affect the overall productivity of an agent. This concern can be resolved with Call center CRM solution integration by saving a lot of time of the agent.

5. Increased ROI

The saved time, increased productivity, reduced errors, and ease of use collectively contributes in increased ROI (Returns over Investment) for any call center, customer care or support center.

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