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Customer Service Statistics You Must Know

Customer Care December 2, 2021

Customer expectations are dynamic, but keeping an eye on what customers want is necessary for all businesses. Especially, call centers, customer support centers, and similar businesses that earn their bread and butter from customer experience need to have more clarity over customer expectations.

To help businesses that focus on customer experience by delivering quality services, we have jotted down major customer service statistics. These are must-know customer service statistics, which will help you use your call center solution and agents more strategically to improve customer experience:

  1. Acquiring a new client is 5x times more expensive than retaining an existing client.
  2. A simple 5% increase in customer retention can increase ROI from 25% to 95%.
  3. 90% of customers choose a brand based on the quality of customer service it offers.
  4. 80% of customers left a brand after receiving a single bad experience.
  5. 50% of customers switch to a competitor after receiving poor customer support.
  6. 78% of customers didn’t purchase from the same brand even if they intended to buy after having a bad customer experience.
  7. 91% of customers showed readiness to buy from the same brand on receiving a positive customer experience.
  8. 31% of customers mentioned they are interested in getting connected with a skilled agent that holds the expertise to resolve customer issues.
  9. 77% of happy customers share their positive experiences via digital means such as social media, reviews, testimonials, etc.
  10. 66% of clients expect their providers to understand and acknowledge their requirements and meet their needs.
  11. The chances of a customer recommending your brand to his/ her network after receiving a positive customer experience are up to 80%.
  12. 93% of customers mention that they believe online reviews about a brand and their buying decision get influenced in the same.
  13. 66% of customers evaluate online feedback of the brand’s customers related to post-sales support before making a purchase or giving business.
  14. 57% of customers mention, they will never give business to a brand that didn’t take any action on their negative feedback.
  15. 90% of clients consider an issue resolution as a primary factor of good customer care service.
  16. 77% of customers find companies that collect feedback from clients and implement them as a client-centric brand and they are more likely to give business to this kind of company.
  17. Each business loses 20% to 40% of its customers each year, which results in declining business and increasing pressure.
  18. 57% of customers stick to the brand if they receive on-time customer care service.
  19. 52% of clients are ready to pay extra or go out of the way to buy from the business that they like.
  20. 48% of customers expect premium and value-added service from their brand. They prefer a brand that makes them feel special.
  21. 43% of clients pay more to the brands they are loyal to.
  22. 75% of clients recommend a business brand to their family and friends based on their positive experiences.
  23. 72% of customers show readiness to recommend a brand based on the attractiveness of their loyalty programs.


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