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Difference between Call Center CRM Integration and CRM Call Center Integration

Call center solutions and CRM software are widely in use. An effective way of using these two solutions is by using an integrated solution. The integration lets your team members use the major features of both of these solutions and some added features within a single window. In technical terms, it is known as Single Sign-On functionality.

Call center CRM integration and CRM call center integration, both terms may seem similar, but both are different. Many people use these terms interchangeably as well. To clarify the difference between both, in this blog, we will share more details about the difference between both of these terms.

1. Call center CRM integration

This term means integrating a CRM solution into the call center software.  Once call center CRM integration is completed, the agents or your business executives can see the information of customers in the call center software during a live call. This information gets fetched from your CRM system.

If during a live call, the agent needs to make any changes in the data of the customer, he can make those changes without leaving the call center dialer window. Once the call gets ended, each change in the customer record gets stored in the CRM solution.

2. CRM call center integration

This term implies integrating a call center solution into the CRM software. It means major features of call center dialer are made available within your customer relationship management solution. Once the call center solution gets integrated into the CRM software with the CRM call center integration process, your agents can access a call center dialer within your CRM solution. This call center dialer is called a call center widget in technical terms. Moreover, your agents receive multiple features as briefed below:

  • Click to call: A button beside the number of customers in each customer record gets added. The agents can click on that button to call the customer on that number.
  • Call center widget: As soon as the customer attends the call, a call center dialer pops up in the CRM system, which is known as the call center widget. It will have the primary features of a call center dialer software such as:
    • Call hold and pickup
    • Call mute and un-mute
    • Call transfer
    • And more
  • After the call completion, agents can also add a disposition, which will be stored in the call center solution.

Similarities between Call Center CRM Integration VS CRM Call Center Integration

Both of these integrated models also have some similarities or similar features as mentioned below:

  • New exported or added customer record can be pushed to another system
  • Any changes made in the records will be auto-saved in both systems
  • Call logs and changelogs will be made available. The changelogs give detailed information on who made which changes
  • You can use both systems independently as well if needed


Call center CRM integration and CRM call center integration, both are beneficial. One needs to choose the one based on the use of the systems. To get help for integration or selecting the right integration method, contact us.

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