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Do’s and Don’ts of Call Centers Using Omnichannel Call Center Solution

Omnichannel call center solutions are benefiting many call centers. Therefore, across the globe, more than 50% of call centers or businesses use an omnichannel call center solution. There are many businesses, which take advantage of omnichannel software by using a hosted call center solution to ensure they get access to the unified communication channels.

Just buying or renting an omnichannel call center solution is not sufficient. To leverage benefits from the potential of this software, some Do’s and Don’ts need to be defined.

We are one of the leading companies offering an omnichannel call center solution to worldwide customers. Based on our experience, here we share major Do’s and Don’ts to help you leverage the benefits of this software.


Market that you are supporting omnichannel communication:

Until your customers are informed that you are also available on WhatsApp or SMS or any other communication channels along with the phone calls, they will only call you. To make sure, you can incur returns from investment in the omnichannel call center software, you need to inform people that you are using it by marketing it on your platforms:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles
  • IVR prompts
  • Music on Hold (MoH) prompt

Train your agents to be multitalented

Hiring multiple agents dedicated to different communication channels might be a waste of money as you need to pay salaries and there might not be a rush on all unified communication channels all the time. Therefore, you need to train your agents to be active on multiple communication channels. For example, someone handling WhatsApp communication can also handle emails and/or SMS. Likewise, someone who handles incoming calls can also handle outbound calls.

Regularly monitor performance

When you adopt an omnichannel call center solution, it is necessary to monitor the performance to take the required actions to increase the benefits and outcomes. To improve performance, monitor the following:

  • Live dashboards
  • Standard reports
  • Graphical reports


Do not impose the use of a specific channel

Many businesses impose the use of their preferences on their customers, which is definitely not something they would like. If your customers are habitual of calling for the support, they are likely to do the same. Therefore, you need to encourage and convince them to use all or their preferred communication channels, but playing a message like, “All our customers are catered only via WhatsApp and live chat” would be a mistake. This would make customers angry and more likely to leave.

All agents cannot be multitasking

Everyone is not equally talented and you need to remember that. Training your agents to be multitasking is a good move, but all agents cannot perform that way. Therefore, aligning with this kind of agents and take the required actions such as:

  • Putting them to manage a single type of communication
  • Given allurements to improve their performances

We offer one of the best omnichannel call center solutions and we also provide tips and suggestions to empower our clients. For more details, contact us.

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