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Elision Launched Collection Module for Call Centers

News June 10, 2019

We, being a leading VoIP company, thrive to benefit our existing and future customers with our best in the industry services and innovative products. We have one of the most advanced contact center solutions: Dialshree, which we keep enhancing to benefit our users. Based on our research and market trends, we have developed a collection module for the call center software.

The collection module is designed and developed to meet the needs of the companies and call centers that are dealing with collection operations. It means banks, automobile and other industry verticals where products are available on EMI and then call centers that run calling campaigns to remind the pending EMIs to the customers and to take care of other relevant operations can get a personalized call center solution for them.

Generally, the companies use traditional call center solution which may have all advanced features, but not really personalized to the collection campaigns. This increases the load of work as the agents need to do many things manually. Writing all dispositions for each call and making a lead list every time manually and upload it in the call center software. All these need to be done by the agents manually, which is extremely time consuming process.

We, Elision, have developed collection module which is personalized to meet the needs of the call centers which run campaigns for the collection. It has specific dispositions. It has automation in filtering out the leads which have already paid an EMI. It lets call centers integrate third party APIs so they can pull required information from any other software into the call center solution during the live call.

It has the “Payment Utility” which automatically pulls out the lead numbers from the calling list that have already paid the EMIs. This removes all manual efforts otherwise needed to do this task. Also, it automatically adds the numbers in the next monthly cycle for the pending EMI.

The collection module has many interesting features as listed here with other information related to this module:

There are some collection companies in India, which have started using this module and according to them this module let them save more than 50% of the time of the agents.

This module is available for Dialshree: contact center software as well as VICIDial: open source call center solution. We can also integrate it with any call center software.

We have expertise in call center solution. Thus, we can customize this or any functional module for the call center software.

To know more about this call center module, contact us.

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